Hey there...!
Most certainly I'm making something wrong here, but I can't make this module work for me.
Installed it as usual in my local machine (ddev), and configured it to work along two fields:
a taxonomy field, with terms from numbers 1 to 11
and a date field.

Created several nodes repeating both inputs.
No joy.

Changed the taxonomy field with a integer number field, again numbers 1 to 11.
Several nodes later repeating both inputs, no joy.

Changed the date field with another integer number field, which served as a date, and left intact the other integer.
A few nodes later, also repeating both inputs and nothing.

Then gave up with the combination values and checked as the unique field only the faux date field, created a few nodes with the same integer.

Can somebody please point me in the right direction...?


Warm regards from sunny México.


Accepted answer

Sorry, the module doesn't support checking of overlapped date (or time) ranges. It can only compare exact values.


Hello @

I created a new release of this module: 1.x-1.0.1 Please try this!

(Use release 1.x-1.0.0 of Unique Field only for Backdrop 1.14.4 and earlier versions.)

Thanks so much, VasasA.

It does work..! For single dates.

See, I'm building a booking system for a small lodge owned by my family.

It has 10 cabins in a mountain, down here in México.

We need to avoid overselling a date. Most of our customers rent only one day, mostly saturdays, but a few arrive on fridays and stay 2 nights.

Is there a way this module can validate date ranges...?

Again: thanks for the prompt reply and update.

Warmest regards from sunny México.



Sorry, the module doesn't support checking of overlapped date (or time) ranges. It can only compare exact values.

Guessed so.

Anyway it'll help me in most cases, and in the other we'll just put extra attention.

Thanks, VasasA...!

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Thanks @VasasA 🙏

I tested the simple case of configuring the node titles of the "Page" content type to be unique, and then tried creating a duplicate page with title "test page". Results:

  • version 1.x-1.0.0: allows creation without complaining 👎
  • version 1.x-1.0.1: proper error shown by the module, and clicking the link to bypass validation works as expected 👍

Thanks for fixing this so promptly!