Hi, after having tried Drupal 9 I ended up trying Backdrop as in D9 more and more unsolved issues came to the surface.
One of the important issues I need to fix now in Backdrop is to set the correct paths for the forum pages.
In D9 in every forum edit page there is a URL alias field. (Although, the default core forum module has a bug on this in D9, after patching I was able to use it successfully.) In Backdrop though there is no such field at all. How can I set a manual url alias for a specific forum?
This is not to be confused with the aliases for the corresponding taxonomies. Taxonomies have url alias fields but if you go to that url you don't get the forum page but the taxonomy page.


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Hello  and welcome to the Backdrop community 👋

I've never used the Forum module before, but I just span up a demo sandbox (via https://backdropcms.org/demo), and installed version 1.x-1.0.2 of the contrib module. After enabling the module, I headed to Structure → Content types → Forum topic, and I was able to see the field to specify a URL path pattern for the content type:

Also, when adding a new forum topic, I was able to specify a custom alias. What you need to do is switch to the "URL settings" tab, untick the "Generate automatic URL alias" checkbox, and then the "URL alias" field will be unlocked to allow entering a manual path:

Is that what you were looking for, or have I misunderstood?

Hi Klonos, greetings from Greece, I know you are greek too!
I'm not talking about the forum topic but the forum page, the page that hosts the topics! So let's say I have a forum with the following structure:

forum > english > electric-cars > batteries > topic-1

Currently in order to produce the path for the batteries forum page there is no way except going to /admin/config/urls/path and manually setting them, which of course is not a good method. What drupal 9 now has is a url alias field in the forum page where you can set the custom url (please see the attached picture). This is missing from Backdrop

Also, be careful not to confuse this alias with the corresponding taxonomy alias.

Also currently it's impossible to make the path like this
with a pattern as the system doesn't include stuff like [term:parent].