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We are asking folks to help us conduct a usability test on our community infrastructure as part of our infrastructure sprint:

How to help:

If you have not already conducted the following scenario:

  1. DO NOT read the comments here until you have finished the test. 
  2. Attempt to accomplish the following scenario within a reasonable amount of time 
  3. Post a comment below with feedback about how easy or difficult it was to accomplish this task and any ideas you have for making it easier.


You have worked with Drupal before and have heard that Backdrop might be a better fit for your next project. You are looking for information about how Backdrop is different and whether or not it's the right tool for you. 

After a reasonable amount of time looking for an answer, did you find the information you needed?
What would you have liked to find?



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I didn't complete the usability test, but just reading the scenario and thinking about it, and doing a quick search through B.org, I realised that we don't have a single page (meaning all info in the one place) that explains how Backdrop came from Drupal and summarises the differences (and similarities).

I suggest creating a new page (probably in the main menu under 'About') called 'Drupal' that:

  • Provides background on how Backdrop was forked from D7
  • Lists the major differences (basically a user-friendly summary of the change records: https://api.backdropcms.org/change-records)
  • Lists things that have stayed the same (or been improved) (for familiarity of anyone comfortable with Drupal but thinking of making the switch)

I believe the 'marketing' term for the type of page I'm thinking of is a 'landing page' (e.g. easy-to-read, short & memorable URL, lots of images/icons, etc.).