I need to create advanced user profile page template.

I've copied user-profile.tpl.php from core to my template directory, file is used by backdrop, so far so good.

Now, here: https://api.backdropcms.org/api/backdrop/core!modules!user!templates!use... is mentioned: "Use render($user_profile) to print all profile items, or print a subset such as render($user_profile['user_picture'])". Which is fine and expected, but when I dpm all the variables I can see:

user_profile: (array, 8 elements) [... , ... , profile_uczestnik (array, 10 elements) [... , ... , ... , #markup(string)] , [...]]

So user_profile array, with profiles (I'm using profile module) but within each profile array there are no field objects, just flattened string. So I can do nothing in terms of template theming, because I have only render($user_profile) at my disposal.

I tried using hook_preprocess_user_profile, but there are no field objects either, just #markup.

How and where to get this variables one by one?


I've found missing variables.

By adding in line 443 of file /modules/profile/profile.module:

$account->content['profile_' . $type]['profile'] = array($profile);

I can get all profile variables in later stage, as late as template file. But it's an ugly hack, obviously. It looks like profile module was rewritten from scratch, and simplified...

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Have you opened this issue in the Profile module queue? Looks like your fix might be a useful addition to the module (or perhaps there is a better way to achieve the same thing).