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Hi, the Rules module does not react for Userpoints, it doesn't matter which event or condition is used, does not give or take points

I was going to report this on Git but i don´t know if it´s a Rules issue or a Userpoints issue



@rogelio - Thanks for reporting this. When you are in doubt, this is always a good place to ask your question or raise your concern.

I don't have a technical response for you, but I can make a process suggestion. 

1) If you have the time and/or skills to provide more information about what is or is not happening, that would be really helpful and might help triage which module is causing the problem. Provides step by step guide to reproduce the problem is HUGELY helpful.

2) If not sure which module is causing the problem, I think it's appropriate to take your best guess and pick one or simply go ahead and open an issue in both issue queues. Be clear in your description of the issue that it involves two modules and you are not clear which is causing the problem (maybe both). If opening issues in both queues, I would add a link to the respective issue in the other queue. 

If either module maintainer can verify the the problem is not with their module, they can easily close the issue and no harm is done.

As usual, you are much more likely to get results/help if you are able to provide the clearest and easiest possible step by step guide to reproduce the problem.