I have a client that is looking to use their website to generate invoices for digital products that they available on their site. Their use case is simply to generate an invoice after the purchase and collect payment. No need for shipping, taxes, or other features. They do have CiviCRM on their site. 

I've suggested Ubercart, but I'm wondering if anyone has a simpler suggestion to make?

How would I use Ubercart to generate a simple invoice for payment?


The Stripe module has support for webform. You could probably do what they are after with that and customise the output.

Is it just for generating invoices... do you want to track who owes what, or allocate payments, product reports for overdue invoice etc... If it's just invoices, then cooking up a new content type of :- - invoice header - invoice lines - Customer details Then use entity reference... shouldn't take too long. It is something I'm also wanting to do, if I can make actual progress with creating custom Entity types in code :-)