I created a content based view displaying content in an unformatted list. At first this was to use a custom display mode I'd created for the content type, but now I'm seeing the same behavior no matter what display mode I use.

If I check the "Display comments" checkbox in the Settings for Show: Content, the existing comments and new comment form are shown before the actual node.

As far as I know, there is nowhere to try to sort those components with respect to each other. This seems broken? What am I missing?



Can you post a screenshot or two (and/or an export of the View)? Trying to understand what you're describing.

I'm not sure it's the view. If for instance I create a node template file, and in it inspect the $content variable that gets rendered, the comments are the first entry, before the actual node content. So what you see is:

[list of comments]

[new comment form]

[node field 1]

[node body]


Normally, comments are the last entry in the $content array.

I will try to recreate this in a generic installation.

I tried this in a sandbox site and it's even weirder. I added a Color field to the standard Page content type, created a Test display mode, a block display in a view showing content in Test display mode, and then a layout showing that view block. On my site, the new comment form displayed above my node. Here in the sandbox, it displayed inside the node. Creepy.