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So, using custom css and the theme, it's quite simple to add a background picture to an area.

I'm looking for a way to do this using the User Interface, either via a contrib module or some other method.

A hero block may have a backdrop picture added to it. Consider giving an area a background image.

I'm willing to accept any of the following responses:

1) Is there a Drupal module that could be ported to do this?
2) Some rudimentary code for creating a module for this functionality
3) Some inventive use of basic characteristics that might enable this.

The use of a CSS injector isn't allowed! (It's a viable idea, but I'd previously considered it.)


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Hi journalistnutter,

there are modules for that. ;-)

It depends, how you want to let users add the background images - based on nodes or based on blocks.

If you want to do it via node forms: Background Images Formatter

If you prefer doing it via blocks, and the core hero blocks don't work for your use-case: Image Block

There might be even more options, like the Parallax Background module.