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I am trying to use a View to display a couple of fields from a Profile I have created for one Role of my users. I am not talking about the standard Profile a user gets when getting a new acccount, but one I have created using the Profile Module.

I have created a view with an Unformatted list of Fields. I have also tried the other choices eg Table.

When I go to  add a Field, nowhere is there the choice of Profile just Content, File Usage, Global, User Account and Webform fields.

Why does it not show the Profiles I have created? These contain several fields, and I would like only 3 of them.

Is there a way to chose the Display Mode from a View of Profiles, because I have created a Display Mode to show only the fields I want, but cannot seem to find how to show a Profile in Views.


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Thanks you @mazze for checking this out too.

I have added an issue on Github as you suggest.