The Views Bulk Operations actions appear limited to basic actions like delete, promote, publish.

I would like to update a taxonomy field in a list of nodes but do not see a way to do this.


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Hello  👋,

I don't believe that this feature is yet available for the 7.x version of VBO (happy to be proven wrong though). There where multiple issues where this was being discussed:

All of those issues seem to have been closed either as duplicate or wont-fix 😔 ...but I believe that there is an effort to implement it in which is now RTBC (but not merged/implemented yet).

I was also able to find some other bugs filed around this functionality, such as:

So it seems that this in not quite production-ready yet. Nevertheless, we could look into supporting it in Backdrop; so I'd suggest opening an issue in


Thanks but I use VBO to modify entities in nodes in drupal 7 all the time, including taxomony terms. Never had an issue with that. 

I do not see any way VBO can be used to modify any node fields. This is an important (critical) feature for me. I have only built 2 sites using Backdrop but this could stop me right here.

Ok, I posted the request for this feature. #4401