I have a view setup as:

Is it possible to make this visible as a Card so I can make it easily reachable on the Home page?

Secondary question (or possibly the same one from a different direction): Is it possible to get more than one view like this on a page so I can present the information in sections on one page to save flipping between pages?



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Hey Mike, in theory you could add a File field to the Card content type and put the files on the Cards which are shown on the home page. I think however, the approach mentioned in your second question is better: put several views on the home page (or any other page). There are several ways to do this, here is one example:

  • Create a View (or use an existing one), and add several Block displays to it. To make it easy to find the blocks later, rename the display names from "Block" to something more specific.
  • Go to the Home page layout (Structure > Layout > Home).
  • Use the "Add block" link at the top of a region, e.g. the Content region, search for name of the View (or a specific display) created above, and hit the "Add block" button.
  • Repeat the last step to add more Views block displays. You can drag the blocks, to reorder them.
  • Finally, scroll down, and save the Layout. The blocks should appear on the Home page.