I am converting from Drupal 7 to Backdrop.  The showstopper is that I cannot get the views filter to accept 'none of' (i.e. <>) for any user field nor for roles.  The ui completes and puts valid data in the config, but no data is passed when running the query.

To reproduce, have some roles apart from anonymous, authenticated and administrator.  Create a view listing users, and add a filter to exclude accounts containing one or more roles.

Note that in the websites concerned, users can have several roles, so inverting the test wouldn't work.

In the case of a field (in my case 'membership status') I can invert the test, i.e. I can include members with status junior or senior or family,  but views still fails if I try to exclude resigned or deceased.  However, converting the dozens of views by hand will be a bit tedious.

The views in question all run in Drupal 7 with views 7.x-3.23.  Backdrop is at 1.13.2.