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Greetings All.  I'm working on my first D7 to Backdrop transition and it's going smoothly overall.  I'm impressed with the whole process and am making good progress. Go Backdrop!

I have a lot of files that live on Amazon.  In D7 I used the remote stream wrapper to integrate those "files" into Drupal as fields.  Overall the upgrade to Backdrop handled these files smoothly.  I am seeing warnings on some of the files.  I've got thousands of these files at Amazon.  I'm getting a warning on only 700 of these files/fields every time I run cron.  Granted this is only a warning, but it's a pain.  Any guidance on putting this warning to bed?

Warning: filesize(): stat failed for in FileStorageController->preSave() (line 201 of /home/username/bd/core/modules/file/

Note: these files are kosher and I can easily access them in a browser.

Thank you.


My guess is that somehow the uri of the file entity is defective. You can debug tha by adding something like

if (!file_exists($entity->uri) {dpm($entity->uri);}

right before line 201 of

(be sure to enable the devel module or dpm to work).

This way you can check if the uri is in fact defective or wrong. 

Thanx for the tip.  I tried that and got no debug output.  I think the system thinks the file exists, but just runs afoul of things when it tries to get the filesize of that remote object.  I couldn't see where to debug the call to the filesize function.  Any ideas on that?

This is a warning, so I don't think it's critical, but it would be nice to clear it out at some point.


Thanx All.  Backdrop on!

The http:// wrapper doesn't support stat(), which also means it doesn't support filesize(), as this function uses stat() to retrieve the file size.