For a long time I am being using the Backdrop hosting on Pantheon.

The benefits:

  1. For every website you recieve three version – DEV, TEST and LIVE – with very convenient workflow between them. Code flows from DEV to TEST to LIVE, files and database flows from LIVE to TEST to DEV. I make changes in DEV. Copy the files to TEST. Copy the database from LIVE to TEST and thus can see how the changes will affect my main website.

The negatives:

  1. Not too cheap. 50$/month. It is too much for a hobby website as mine.
  2. The support of Backdrop is ... hm. Yesq they support it, BUT their support team does not know that. For this reason when I write to them I ask them as if I am using Drupal 7.
  3. I couln't find a way to put the configuration management into the version control.

So what are the other tested by you hosting alternatives for Backdrop CMS?

Do you use it on shared hosting? Linode? Or what is your experience on Pantheon?


We look after over 170 websites in the UK and we are resellers for; they do have individual accounts. They have a worldwide CDN and servers in the States. There aren't any test/dev/live workflows, but you can have subdomains  depending on the package you purchase, which is the way I build sites... i.e. When the site is ready, I just use either FTP or the control panel to move the files from my development site to the main domain. My standard prices for hosting websites start at £29 a year for basic shared hosting and up to £139 for 5 websites. Of course, it all depends on where you are in the world as to which provider to choose.  Most of them use a control panel called cPanel which has a learning curve. Hostgator and GoDaddy are two of the bigger shared hosting providers.  

Hope this helps.

I use SSD-Nodes, but then I am happy to self-manage a VPS with the use of ISPConfig, webmin, nginx, php-fpm. I also have the full control and therefore responsibility for the site!

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i use hostinger in Business plan and I haven't had any problems with them in 4 years,

I'm a reseller for Kualo hosting and provide all my clients with individual accounts, though some clients have several websites which is supported.

Command line access is well supported so you can manage much over the command line.  I've discovered as well, that some cPanel actions can be done over the command line.

Kualo offer good value shared hosting that is well capable of hosting Backdrop. You can get a really good discount if you're prepared to pay upfront for any period up to 3 years.