In another topic about doing Outreach for Backdrop CMS, some folks have suggested changing the name of Backdrop CMS to something more exciting or stimulating. For context, here is some background on the choice of the name from:

"The name "Backdrop" was first conceived of by Mike McCaffrey as a play on the history of its parent software, Drupal. The original Drupal software was used to run a site named "" (since decommissioned in favor of One of the original goals of Backdrop CMS was to backport a large number of features from the drastically different Drupal 8 to a simpler architecture, and so the name came from combining "backport" with "drop" to form "Backdrop".

We believe Backdrop is a great name for a CMS, because it's always behind the scenes. The tagline "Put your content center stage" was recommended to pair with the name."


some folks have suggested changing the name of Backdrop CMS to something more exciting or stimulating

No thanks.

Just to be clear, I'm not in favor of a name change either. 

1) I think it would be a very divisive discussion. I would assume that many of the folks who have been most active in the community have grown attached to this name and would resist this strongly. I'm quite happy with the name.

2) It would be a huge amount of work and I think we have better things to spend our time on. For example, porting Organic Groups or getting the Reference Module in core or a bigger and better Backdrop LIVE event.

As I mentioned on the other thread I think we should make more of the tag line: "Put your content center stage"

I'm also against changing the name.  Let's not forget also the generous contribution from Alan Mels of the domain to help us strengthen the brand.

I'd agree it would be a huge effort to alter the name, at this stage. And I certainly admire the creativeness of the name as a play on 'drop' and perhaps indicating 'bring drupal back towards its roots'. And of course it implies that the content is upfront and the tech stuff is behind all that.

However, I think there are 2 downsides to the name, and each of those may influence its takeoff:

1. It is 2 words not one. Tiresome to type.

2.. Related to 1., any search on only the first word brings up countless sites about theatre and photography and zoom backdrops.  It may be that a contributing factor to the success - or initial success - of Drupal is the choice of that 6 character naming. A word that did not exist before hand. BackdropCMS is 11 characters. 12 if we count the space. And the first word is 'overloaded'. Overall I love backdrop cms. I bet my career on Drupal around 2005, and 3 or 4 years ago I began to move totally towards Bd.CMS (my own sometimes shorthand).

 I understand many people have put a lot of work into the brand. And then people want it have been done different. :( I am not advocating for change just giving my own view.