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I have an Editor Role and I have given permissions on Administer custom blocks for this person, but the little cog does not come up when I hover over the Block as an Editor to allow editing.

I have even given permissions on Administer Layouts but that has not done the trick.

What permissions need to be set to edit the content of a Custom Block?


Hi Francis. I would have thought that Administer Layouts would do it.  They might also need Use contextual links to get the cog.

Have you tried flushing caches?

Another tack: What is in the custom block? What I do for some is to make the content of the block a node type with hidden paths and use the "Existing content" block type so they can modify the content through manage content.

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You are a star, Martin! the Use contextual links did the trick!

Much obliged.

And Bah Humbug!!

Glad to hear it helped

And Bah Humbug!!

And a Merry Christmas to you Mr Scrooge ;-)