Is there a Backdrop CMS module similar to the Drupal 7 “Who's online” module. Or another way to see which users are currently online on the site.



To show the total number of users online in the last 5 minutes.

Install modules

  • Views autorefresh
  • Statistics

Create a view...  "Who's online"... Make it a Block

Add Field - Hostname
Add Filter - Timestamp <= 5 minutes
Add Sort - Hostname

Use Aggregation = Yes

Change Sort Aggregation settings to Count Distinct

If you want to show the user names of the people logged in... it gets a little more involved.

Thank you for the advice! I also had a vague idea that this could be done via Views, but the suggestion of the Views autorefresh module, which I didn't know existed, makes the implementation more achievable.

Yes, that works and is much more configurable then Drupal 7 “Who's online”.

Thanks again!Users online View setup

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Here is my (quite similar) approach:

  • Add a view of User accounts.
  • Show: Fields
  • Fields:
    • User account: User name
  • Filter Criteria:
    • User account: Active
    • User account: Last access (>= -15 minutes)

This might be a simple but useful recipe?