I can send emails without any problems via all kinds of modules, Mail System, Mimemail, SMTP.

 But in all the mails that arrive, the sender is my passwoord@website.

van: password@mysite.be

aan: [was actual email address, removed here by editor]

datum: 10 nov 2023 09:22

onderwerp: Form submission from: Contact/info

verzonden door: mysite.be

ondertekend door: mysite.be

beveiliging: Standaardversleuteling (TLS) Meer informatie

: Vooral belangrijk omdat je vaak berichten leest met dit label.


Hello rafke. 

You can configure the site sender's email address for your site at /admin/config/system/site-information

Try that and see if it works.

Also check admin/config/system/smtp to be sure that also contains the correct email address under "E-mail from address"