Widget types that will need this remove button are as follows: - textfield - number - autocomplete (entity/term reference)

I've stumbled across three different modules that are all trying to solve this UI deficiency for fields in general: - the multiple_fields_remove_button module - the cck_multiple_field_remove module - the field_remove_item module

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This is one of the many, tiny things that has been annoying me in the Drupal (and thus inherently Backdrop) UI for years:

When working on a new Drupal 7 site I noticed a feature from the old D6 CCK days that allows you to remove a single item from a field that has unlimited values. Unfortunately, this is not built into Drupal 7's fields ... In a D7 unlimited field, you 'delete' an item by emptying all of its values and saving the form. This works fine in practice but is highly unintuitive for a standard Drupal user (ie: clients) ...

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There are currently two modules that address this issue:

Multiple Fields Remove Button:

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Field Remove Item:

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Both of these modules work the same, in that once the user clicks on either the button or the checkbox, the entry is removed in an AJAXy way. This action removes the item only from the form; there is no actual removal unless the user saves the form. I think that in our implementation, entries should be "marked" for removal, but still remain visible on the form, giving the user the option to change their mind and undo. Perhaps a list of checkboxes in a "remove" column would be more similar to other places in our UI, and thus a familiar UI pattern for the end user.

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