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The title of this issue is basically a module:

Does your client want to modify the header, footer, title, or empty text of a view, but you don't want to train them on the rather intimidating Views UI admin interface or give them access to pages that may allow them to mess up their site? Then this handy little module is the solution for you!

"Views UI: Edit Basic Settings" places edit tabs on Views pages, similar to node pages, and allows users with the correct permission to modify their header, footer, title, empty text, or number of items to display. This module also provides a separate interface that displays a list of views. All Views are defined by you, so you can exclude certain Views.

I believe that adding this functionality in Backdrop core would solve a pain point that many site builders face when their customers request access to edit views-provided content. We don't want to allow them to shoot themselves on the foot, but there are basic settings that they should have the ability to edit at will.

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