I’m in the process of making a decision on Backdrop or D8 for a D7 rebuild.

I’m hoping to use something like domain access to deliver different content, structure and theme variations to 3 similar sites.

I’ve searched the modules but haven’t found something like domain access yet.

Is there a backdrop equivalent or a different build technique to achieve the same thing?




This is a great question. I'm a heavy user of Domain Access on one of my D7 sites and have been assuming that I might need to stick with Drupal 8 for that client, because of my heavy reliance on that module. Given the wide variety of domain access related modules, I'm nervous about trying to port it. 

But, I would love to hear from others with similar needs and or suggestions for alternatives. 

The bright side about porting it is that it doesn't look like it has any (potentially messy) outside dependencies, so it may not be as big of a deal as it seems. Give it a shot running it through Coder Upgrade and see how things are looking -- it would give you a better idea. Or post it in the Port Request queue.