I develop a site with with two languages (English / Bulgarian) and an following option in


- Who can register accounts?
- Visitors, but administrator approval is required .

So, when new user go to form Create new account (/user/register), fills Username and Email address and click the button Create new account the following happens:

New user receives a message:

Thank you for registering at (site-name). Your application for an
account is currently pending approval. Once it has been approved, you will
receive another e-mail containing information about how to log in, set your
password, and other details.

--  (site-name) team

And this message can be translated in Bulgarian through admin/config/regional/translate and that is excellent!

But as Administrator I get an empty message where:

From = E-mail address from Site information
Subject = empty, no data
To = E-mail address from Site information
Message body = empty, no data

It does not matter in which of the two language that are enabled the form Create new account is accessed - the result is the same.

So, if not very careful and dismiss that empty message I will not understand that someone is pending approval. Very bad!

And this empty message naturally can not be translated.

* * *

An additional problem is that the individual elements of the form (Create new account, Log in, Reser password, Username, E-mail address) and the notes under the last two fields can be translated without problems, but I can not translate in any way

<h1 id = "page-title" class = "title"> Create new account </h1>
<h1 id = "page-title" class = "title"> Log in </h1>
<h1 id = "page-title" class = "title"> Reset password </h1>

which are in the above tabs of the Create new account form and which do not appear as a translation option in User interface translation as translatable strings.

I will be grateful for any advice or help.






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Hey amilenkov, I've tried to reproduce the empty email issue but don't have a site with a suitable configuration at hand. However, regarding the additional problem (translate the strings "Create new account", "Log in" and "Reset password"), I was able to find them in the translation interface, but only after visiting the non-English user pages, e.g. (in your case) "example.com/bg/user/password". I was also able to translate the string then. To make the translatation finally appear on the respective user page, I had to clear all caches.

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Hi amilenkov,

I think I could just reproduce your empty mail problem.

I suspect, that's a bug.

One information is needed: what is your default language?


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Now I was also able to reproduce the empty email. First I didn't get the mail at all (due to a non-existing no-reply address in the site configuration). After setting a real address I got the empty mail (without subject and without body text).

I've also tested it with the Reroute Email module which can log such emails. In the log entry of user_register_pending_approval_admin I can see that the subject and the body of the mail are empty.

@indigoxela: There are three languages on the test site, the default language is English.


Hello, I just now saw the question, I apologize for the delay!

Default language is English - as default from the core installation.


Hello, I just now saw the question, I apologize for the delay!

Default language is English - as default from the core installation.

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Many thanks to amilenkov for reporting and Olafski for verifying the problem.

Yes, that's a bug. A new Issue for this has been opened in the Issue queue.


Regarding the other problem (some items don't appear in the translation interface) the hint from Olafski is correct: visit that page once in a different language, then these items should also be translatable.

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The Issue has a pull request now. But there's also an open question regarding the mail recipient.

@amilenkov in case you don't have a Github account and don't want to create one, it's fine if you post your feedback here in the forum.

Thanks a lot to everyone who commented, I apologize for the delay, I was extremely busy the last few weeks and I didn't have time to read the comments carefully.

Regarding the problem with items don't appear in the translation interface - it somehow fixed itself after a time shift, although I repeatedly deleted the cache and I visited the relevant pages repeatedly in the installed languages at the time of reporting this problem.

Just a few days later, the translations I was trying to enter really appeared on the site. For me, this means that the system actually did the translation, but did not show it in the relevant pages, and began to show them after a few days, during which time I had not done anything else on the site.

Some time ago, I noticed several times that Backdrop CMS seems to in some cases fail to partially delete cached information and does so after some hours or days, but this happened to me 1-2 years ago and I can not give a specific example now.

As for the problem with Empty email send to administrator - for now I removed the option

- Who can register accounts?
- Visitors, but administrator approval is required.

and I left the registration of new users as a right only to the administrator.

This made me turn off the option to comment on the posts, but anyway this is a site under construction and I will try again "Visitors, but administrator approval is required" in later time with a newer version of Backdrop CMS when I guess this bug will be fixed.

Many thanks again to everyone for your attention!


Thank you for the work done for solving this problem and congratulate the team on the efficient and well-coordinated practice of developing and maintaining Backdrop CMS.

For 4 years I have been developing all my new sites with Backdrop CMS and besides I have updated several old Drupal 7 sites with Backdrop.

I am happy to work with Backdrop CMS, I already have full trust in the community and in the future of the system and promote the system among all my acquaintances, customers and colleagues.