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Hello everyone .
I have this error when wanting to install a module

Help please

There was an HTTP AJAX error. HTTP Result Code: 500 Below is the debugging information. Path: / batch? Id = 12 & op = do_nojs & op = do StatusText: error ResponseText:



@ - I do not have an answer for you right now. But, I think it would be helpful if you provide a little more information. 

1) Is this only with one specific module or have you tried different modules and gotten the same results?

2) What is your hosting situation? 

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Thanks for answering.

It happens with all the modules that I want to install.

MY server is

PHP 7.4.15

memory_limit: 256M (Default)
max_execution_time: 30 (Default)
max_input_time: 600 (Default)
post_max_size: 256M (Default)
upload_max_filesize: 256M (Default)

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Hello @willowf 👋

I also don't have any answer for you at the moment, but can you please also let us know the following:

  • Were you able to install modules without any error before? If so, was there a recent update on the site (updated Backdrop core version) or the server (php version change)?
  • If you head to Configuration → Development → Logging and errors, and enable showing all errors, is there any additional error shown?
  • If you navigate to Reports → Recent log messages, are there any other errors you see? (I'd suggest to first clear all errors logged, then run a test module installation, then take note of any errors)