I know that we've had discussion at Backdrop LIVE about making sure that it's easy to get your data into and OUT of Backdrop CMS. We recognize that sometimes clients might have reasons to move to Wordpress or Drupal 9/10 and be looking for a way out. 

I've recently been asked to provide advice on the best way to get data out of Backdrop CMS to migrate to a Wordpress site. 

My default answer would be to use the Feeds Data Export module: 

I believe the the Feeds module is reallly for importing NOT exporting data. Do I have that correct?

Does anyone have a better answer? What other strategies do you use (or are you aware of) to export data from BackdropCMS to move to another system?


Correct. Views Data Export is for exporting and Feeds will only import data.  That's going to be the easiest way to do it with the data in the format needed.

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I wish there was a simpler answer.  You can use Views Data Export to get the data out, but it strikes me as a pretty complicated and tedious procedure.  I think our target users (the "80%" non-coders) would appreciate a more straightforward approach. 

I've long dreamed of Backdrop having something like Wordpress's data import/export functionality.  I've contemplated writing a module to do this (I've even looked at the relevant code in Wordpress) but haven't really dived into it.