I registered for localize.backdropcms.org to translate strings into German several weeks ago, but I still haven't heard anything back. How can I get involved translating BackdropCMS?


Hello @m-schmitt.

Thanks for you interest in helping with German translation!


You can reach out to folks on Gitter messaging here: https://gitter.im/backdrop/backdrop-issues


There is an issue queue specific to translation issues as well: 


I believe the main contributor to German so far is @olafgrabienski so you might reach out to him either in Gitter or the backdrop-ops/localization issue queue.


In general we the Backdrop community admit that it can be hard to find the right place/places for asking questions and reaching out. We've made a few pages to help direct people to the right resources:

we know these pages could probably be better, but it should give you a start.

I was just drafting a very similar message, but @serundeputy beat me to it. I would emphasize the effectiveness of reaching out via Gitter. 


I would also add that if time zone and schedule permits, there are weekly BackdropCMS development meetings held in Google Hangouts that anyone can drop into and ask questions. It's also a great place to see what is happening at the moment in terms of Backdrop development and a great place to get your question or concern on the agenda.

"Project Meetings: Backdrop has several recurring meetings you should feel free to join or watch at any time. There is a weekly developer meeting Thursdays at 1pm PT and fortnightly design and outreach meetings every other Thursday at 12noon PT." https://backdropcms.org/contribute

We usually post the agenda and links to the hang-out in Twitter 30 minutes before each meeting and in Gitter about the time the meeting is starting. 


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Hey @ M-Schmitt, thanks also from me for your interest in translating Backdrop! As @serundeputy said, I've worked on the German translation. I'm also part of a small team who tries to get the localization server running, so that people can contribute to translations. Unfortunately, the server isn't ready yet, and I had to pause the work for a while, but I'll try to continue soon.