is there a rewritten module of the drupal feeds_node_helper 7.x-1.5 for backdrop?

 I try to import several child book pages via cvs to my backdrop system, but I doesn´t work out. Has somebody expierences to import child book pages via feeds import?




Hello DrArlbany,

thanks for your answer. I don´t now if you know the book module. I constructed with the book module a book cover content type as the parent  and the child content type with articles.

My problem with feed is, that I don´t find a solution to connect the child article nodes with the parent book nodes. I can import via csv and feeds hundreds of article, all informations are right imported, but the connection to the parent node is not there and I think that the book module don´t work with related content, so I´m a bit helpless. How do I save the child book page to the book outline?

I found this feeds_node_helper 7.x-1.5 drupal module, which has included some functions to import book modules nodes ... but I think, there is no port for backdrop ...

best wishes,




Hi Nora..., Sorry, I thought you were just importing a content type called books... not using the Book module. Can you post a selection of the CSV content... On the child content type, do you have a link to the parent, a Node ID for example? Regards Steve