I'm new to BackDrop but not to Drupal 7, I attended part the Upgrade Event yesterday, very useful. I'm moving a site from D7 to Backdrop, was dragged kicking & screaming into D8/9 but have gladdly nanaged to escape :) I don't want to import everything from D7, but affectivly start again, moving or recreating selected content and important data from 20 or so content types.

Thinking mainly of the data in the content types here, It was suggested that Feeds would be the best option, am I correct in thinking that Feeds is primarily  for imports? What would be used to export data from D7 to enable import into BD with Feeds?  Views export ?  


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Hi Alan, welcome to the Backdrop community:-)

Yes, export is best done using Views Export.

I used Views export to CSV - the alternative options I tried lost the formatting.

For the body field, I "rewrote results" to export the [body-value] to keep the raw HTML.