I just noticed that there is now a Language switcher in the Administration bar and I tried how it works.

Extremely useful option, thanks. It helps to quickly view the administrative menu in different active languages on the site - an extremely  useful option for the administrator of a multilingual site where users use different languages for Administration bar.

This month I was very satisfied that 7 years ago I trusted Backdrop CMS. Among other things, it was nice to see how many additional modules are already available for the system. A few years ago the modules took up 10-15 pages, now they are 33 pages with 25 modules each. This makes more than 800 modules. Plus dozens more built into the core.

I have more than 10 years of previous experience with Drupal 5, 6 and 7 and I can confirm that the level of module and system support in Backdrop CMS is significantly higher, there are no duplicates and almost no abandoned modules, at least in my experience.

For me, this is a testimony to a better organization of the work of the community and the distribution of efforts in priority projects.

Some of the variety of modules in Drupal 7 came from duplicated, poorly maintained, or abandoned modules, making site development difficult to make the right decision and replacing modules frequently. Thanks again!


You're welcome for the language switcher! It was something that bugged me wasn't already in Drupal 7 or 9. I would add a language switcher block to the admin theme in Drupal 7 but it looked terrible. So this is much cleaner.