Currently when I link something with line breaks, like poetry, the text in the link preview appears all on one line in applications like Discord. Is there a way to make sure link previews show line breaks?

Thank you!


Hi CurrentBias,

Can you clarify how you are doing this. What do you mean "when I link something with line breaks". Do you mean enter text with line breaks in the Body of a page? If so, are you using Filtered Text and CKEditor (which are the default for Body)? I'm trying to enter text with line breaks in the Body using "Filtered Text" and CKEditor. When I click Preview it shows correctly.


Thanks for the reply! To clarify, I mean the opengraph link preview that appears when a link is posted somewhere like Discord -- here's an example:

The post itself has line breaks, but the preview does not -- I'm wondering how to make the preview display the line breaks as well

Sorry, I really don't know how you are making Backdrop show a link preview like the one you posted - never done that before. Is this in a textarea field? Or what kind of field?

Does it display the same as a link preview in other platforms?

Perhaps it is just discord discarding the markup?