If I create a new content type and fields in my DEV environment and then export the config files from DEV and port them to PROD, does Backdrop create the necessary database tables during the import/sync process (admin/config/development/configuration/sync)?

I am asking, because I tried just dropping all my DEV config files directly into the PROD active config directory and my new content type was visible, but I got error messages suggesting that the necessary database tables did not exist. I assume this is because I did not use the proper import process. 

Can anyone clarify this? 


@docwilmot pointed me at this discussion on this topic: https://github.com/backdrop/backdrop-issues/issues/571#issuecomment-72962972

I also found this reddit comment by @jenlampton:

Yeah, that's because we don't want people pushing config from an active local directory to an active live directory. That would potentially blow away any changes made on live, or worse: bork who-knows-what because important database updates that need to be run based on config changes weren't run.

Both sources seem to support that things are happening during the config import process that would update the database and bypassing that process could be dangerous (I spent a few hours today learning that lesson).

Again, if anyone has anything to add or clarify this process, I would appreciate hearing your thoughts/experiences.