Maybe this does already exist and I have just not been able to find it - is there a way to replicate the contents of a region in one layout to a region in another layout? Say for example I had a header region in a layout, with a logo block and a menu where I have made a bunch of configuration adjustments for visibility and classes and whatnot. I then have 5 other layouts where I want the header region blocks to be replicated exactly as in the first. And then if a change is made to one of these blocks, it then applies across all of the layouts. I suppose I am thinking of a layout (in a header region for example) that is embeddable across several layouts

Are there any contributed modules that are attempting to achieve functionality somewhere along these lines? Or any in development?

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I think that the Copy Blocks module should do exactly what you want.


Ah, this looks like it has great potential, thanks! Alas it has too many bugs to be currently viable.

Hi Kristin, can you report the bugs if they're not already in the issue queue? That's too bad, but hopefully the kinks can be ironed out without too much problem. Just need to let the developer know.

There are already several bugs in the issue queue, one of which is mine. Thanks!