Over the last few months, I gradually created a custom module that does nothing more than generate a handful of nodes about animals, with content from Wikipedia. I like it because it's realistic content that I can use for development purposes OR theming. It's also been a learning project for me and I've learned how to programmatically create content types and vocabularies as well as create actual nodes in code. It might be a good demo module for some of that code (AFTER other people give me feedback and help fix the code that I've hacked together). 

If anyone is interested in using it. Reviewing the sloppy code and/or submitting Pull Requests - here it is: 


I'm also wondering if it would make sense to turn this into a contrib module. Would folks find it useful? The content should all be copyright free (although, I would want to verify the images are all available). 

As a contrib module, I'd probably also want to add some "uninstall" code that deletes the content when the user is done.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome.


I think it'd be a fine contrib module.

You can also do this with devel generate.