I have a Backdrop CMS subtheme. After installing the TCPDF module for Backdrop CMS, I encountered the following message when attempting to configure it: "No PDF generation tool found! Please download a supported PHP PDF generation tool. Check this module's INSTALL.txt for more details."

Upon researching how to address this issue and enable the TCPDF module, I have been unsuccessful. I placed the TCPDF library directory in C:\xampp\htdocs\backdrop\themes, which is where my subtheme is located. The path to the libraries directory is as follows: "C:\xampp\htdocs\backdrop\themes\libraries\tcpdf." Additionally, I placed the TCPDF directory in the following location: "C:\xampp\htdocs\backdrop\themes\mysubtheme\libraries."

Could anyone provide assistance?


TCPDF is a module, not a theme. The module must be placed in the modules folder (e.g. modules/tcpdf or modules/contrib/tcpdf depending how your folders are setup). It has releases, so this can be installed in the usual way. Either in the project browser or using bee, whichever you prefer.

Hi Thomas.

The module TCPDF is a wrapper around the TCPDF library. It contains it already, so there is no need to download anything else.

However, it looks like the error you are receiving is generated by ANOTHER module, called "print", which allows you to generate PDFs. Apparently, Backdrop's version of Print doesn't recognize/find the TCPDF library provided by the module TCPDF. 

The solution here is to open an issue in the Print issue queue so that the maintainers modify it to "see" the TCPDF library provided by the TCPDF module.

I have provided a PR that integrates the module tcpdf with the module print. You can find the PR in the link I pasted above. Until that PR is merged and a new version of print released, you'll need to do a local patching of the module.

@thomas if you're able to help test that PR it will help get it merged and released faster.

Thanks for that, @argiepiano!