What's the best way to import Ubercart products... I've just tried Feeds module and can't see the relevant options for price etc...

Thanks in advance.



I've just downloaded and converted with the Coder_Upgrade module and the D7 uc_feeds module and it worked... Yeah me!!!!

I'll look into messaging the original provider of the D7 module and see if I can get permission to officially move it across to BD

Watch this space!

Steve: I think you got this feedback elsewhere in another discussion, but for the record I'd like to clarify here that one does NOT require permission to port a module from Drupal to Backdrop CMS. However, we do encourage folks to contact the Drupal 7 module maintainer as a courtesy and invite them to help with the port or at least inform them of your intention. 


Other resources for porting modules from Drupal 7:

Including links and resources for anyone else in the future interested in porting Drupal 7 modules.

Thanks Tim, really helpful as always :-)  I appreciate it.