Problem: Uploading images using the CKEditor file uploader, or the uploader for image fields, to Backdrop sites does not work on iOS devices, yet works fine on PC's.

Isn't this bothering anyone else?  There is an issue reported in that seems to think it is just an issue with uploading camera images from iPhones.  But it is more than that - the image uploader just doesn't work on iOS devices, not in the editor or for image fields. 

And I don't believe it's an Apple issue either, since the image uploaders work under iOS just fine for Drupal 7 sites.  I haven't tested with Androids but for iphones and ipads, old and new, the image uploader under Backdrop shows greyed out image files and will not allow them to upload. I have several sites, on different servers, and for all of them, I can upload fine from PC's, but not from iPads or iphones. 

I'm not a programmer, just a site builder, so I have no way to trouble shoot the issue. But it's very frustrating that it doesn't work, and it seems like something that would be important to a lot of people. Yet I don't see anyone else posting about it, or any progress toward fixing it. So my first question was not rhetorical - isn't it bothering anyone else?

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions. Also, I'm happy to help with testing if I can.


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Hello  👋

In general, I for one am personally bothered by all things that do not work as expected 😅

It's been a while since I last worked on that bug, but from memory, it seemed to be working for both iOS and Android devices, and then it stopped at some point in time. After doing some research, it seemed to have to do with the standards having changed between operating system and browser versions.

Most of the community is currently focused on getting new features in for the next minor version (1.18.0, which is slated for release on Jan 15). We have until today to do so, as there's a feature freeze after midnight tonight. Once we are done with the release, I believe that we can shift our focus back to other issues, such as this bug.

Thanks @klonos for the quick response. I really love Backdrop, and appreciate all the work done by people like you to help resolve issues and improve the experience for the end users.

Well here’s an interesting tidbit I discovered about this problem: The upload dialog works as it should if you remove ‘jpg’ from the list of acceptable file types in the content type > image field setting!  

‘jpeg’ is ok, as are ‘gif’ and ‘png’, but as soon as you add ‘jpg’ into the mix, the whole upload dialog box changes to the un working version.

So a good work-around is to remove ‘jpg’ as a choice in the settings for an image field, and rename .jpg files to .jpeg before uploading. Then the files can be uploaded as usual.

Hopefully this information will also help someone to troubleshoot the issue.