Set up a new backdrop site in order to get around migration problems. Tried to use user_import to get user data fro D7 site. It test OK but will not import anything. Tried 'continue' as well as running cron - nothing. And nothing in 'latest log messages'. Module simply does nothing (beyond running test)

Any idea? Any suggestions.



In error_log in the site root:

[03-Oct-2021 14:17:24 Europe/Copenhagen] PHP Deprecated:  Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is deprecated in /home/buddhistisk/ on line 320

Guess that means module is outdated/non-functioning.

Deprecated does not necessarily mean it won't function. It just means it'll stop working in a future version of PHP.

I haven't tried user_import, but you might be able to get users imported using Feeds.

By the way, can you report any issues you've got in github for the user_import project?

Well - it wouldn't work. And Laryn & I are communicating on github on this issue.


And may I add: The latest version of user import works fine. All my users are now imported. The only outstanding issue is that roles import have problems.

I am back 'on the boat' having a backdrop install I can work with.