I've got a view that displays all Training nodes with a field_state value that matches the value submitted via an exposed filter. (So, if the user chooses New Jersey, the view only shows trainings that are offered in New Jersey.)

Training nodes are related to organization nodes, which also use the field_state field to designate where the organization is based.

I'd like to use the same field_state exposed filter twice in this view: first, to filter in all training nodes with a matching field_state value; then, to filter OUT all training nodes related to organization nodes with a matching field_state value. That way I can show all trainings that are offered in a given state by organizations that are NOT based in that state.

Any ideas of how to do that?


You could try adding a relationship to the organisation, adding a second 'state' exposed filter (using this relationship), and test by selecting the same state in both filters to make sure that side of it works.

Then you just need (JS?) code to hide one filter and copy the value of the other to it...

Thanks for this suggestion, @BWPanda! Work on that particular feature has paused, but I've made note of this suggestion and think it's right on. I'll update this again if we continue work on this and come up with a solution based on this (or something else!)