I am still on my one of Drupal 7 site, but plan to migrate to backdrop in the future, before that I am still working on this Drupal7 project, now I need to setup a video upload and play function on this site, my question is what's the best option to do this on drupal7, which will be no problem to migrate to backdrop. I see there is a "Video" module but no backdrop version yet ( https://www.drupal.org/project/video ) so if on the backdrop side, what's the best way to set this up or is there a module/way which can work on D7/backrop both system ? Thanks


In this thread, the OP found that the Video.js module worked for them.  As its ported from D7 it will have a version there.



I am running with VideoJS module, it works, but warning: it throws a lot of warnings into the logs when on PHP8.1.

Hi @onyx - If you report each different log message in the issue queue (could probably do in same ticket, just include each message that relates to a different bit of code), it will help the maintainer.  In my experience, PHP 8 warnings are not too difficult to fix, they just take a bit of time to identify all the changes that are needed.