Coming from Drupal 7 and a tiny bit of D8 experience, I am probably not alone in wishing for more ready-to-use themes. Understood, that this will take time. One aspect of the currently available themes I was disappointed with is the lack of settings options, which can be very helpful in reducing the amount of CSS work to be done. I would like to see a theme like "MAYO," which has a lot of settings, ported to Backdrop. Another one on the wish list is "Drupal 8 Parallax," a D8 theme I was just starting to use. Is there any precedent for going to those theme developers and requesting a port?


@OpsTao - Thanks for your feedback. I think that there is some consensus that Backdrop CMS would benefit from more themes. 

I've started working on Tatsu theme with the goal of creating a theme with more options in the UI. So far, it's very limited in what it does, but I welcome specific feature recommendations and will try to put more work into it very soon.

Please, feel free to make specific feature requests here:

Many people have had success in requesting modules to be ported here, I'm not sure if it would be as successful for themes, but it is worth trying:

It is also worth posting a request in the issue queue for a module or theme, see this example: