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I have installed this extension and PHP status page shows the extension.

However I am unable to use the Project installer - this is the message as below:

Sorry, it seems that the PHP .zip extension is not loaded on your server. You will not be able to download any projects using Project Installer until this is fixed. Please contact your website administrator.

Curiously, the status page does not show zip . . .

What am I missing?


Hmmm . .  after posting this, I ran update.php script for the site I was having trouble with - although I am not sure I understand why this was necessary as the extension is to PHP and update.php is to just one of my sites on the server - "wheird"), but just for S's & G's, (Sh**s & Grins), I ran it anyway - and the problem has resolved.

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Thanks for the follow-up @abqgman! That is a strange problem. I wonder, when you ran update.php were there updates that were needed for your system? Or did the updater tell you that no updates were necessary?

If the latter, then what Backdrop needed was to have it's caches cleared - as those are cleared automatically when visiting update.php.

This was actually a brand new BD install. What was peculiar is that the BD PHP status page showed the extension installed when viewing at admin/reports/status/php, but viewing admin/reports/status/ does not. Your assessment iseems correct - seems like a cache thing.

The next time I do a BD install, I'll be on the lookout for the behavior and update here with my exact steps if I am able to reproduce. Thanks for the reply.