How do you customize ckeditor in backdrop?  It was tremendously easy in D7 as a contrib module to just point the module to use the full package and not the basic - which is what comes by default.  How do I change this in Backdrop.  Most of our clients used the 'full' plugin package and I need to get that working to start moving D7 sites to Backdrop.  As a developer, there are additional plugins I need as well.

Elisabeth - Brainwrap LLC


Backdrop takes a different philosophy from Drupal 7. Instead of trying to be infinitely configurable some defaults were chosen. That includes choosing ckeditor. It is still possible to have other editors or different versions of ckeditor but they're not going to be fully integrated.


I'm not super familiar with extending ckeditor with plugins but that's one choice that will still keep it integrated but add the features you need. The other is to see if there are alter hooks that allow you to override the existing ckeditor library with another.

I can add to this discussion of what is needed.  I'm trying to convert a site that uses CKfinder to backdrop.  No way can I see how configure any version of CKfinder  I'd prefer "responsive filemanager" and that is equally obtuse.  There are explicit instructions on how to do it in Drupal 7.  The basic issue is that the CKeditor methods do not seem to apply.

Users get used to certain functionalities and asking them to do without is difficult.  I've added the only Backdrop plugin that even gets close (IMCE), and compared to either CKfinder or responsive filemanager, that looks about 10 years out of date since it does not show thumbnails in directories.  I'm likely going to have to update that plugin to get the desired modern functionality.

I also need a GoodleMap creator that reads lots of  locations (as lat-long) from a database table.  What I have now displays the map and has popups if one clicks on an icon.  Rather generic.  I created my own in FuelCMS with ease.  I cannot even begin to think I can port this site to backdrop without having to create an add-on that will do it.  I do see several GoogleMap plugins with virtually no info, so I'm going to have to load all of them to find out if any one of them can do what I need.  And I need it 5 times over.   I have not yet found any example of a somewhat comparable add-on.  I'd be happy to write it, but I think I'm going to need help from someone who has read data from a database table and created something displayable from it.  The documentation is not getting me there.

I'd love thoughts on possible solutions -- especially ones that have been tried and determined to work.

--- new user, still trying to determine if BackDropCMS will work

this is more about adding plugins like indent, outdent and how to use an upload browser to eliminate the step of having to add to library first before adding into text.  I would prefer not to use the 3rd party ckeditor module if I don't have to and am not sure how to add the plugins without modifying core - which I don't want to.

I don't have the answer, but I'm also interested in this topic. I'd like to see more options available for CKEditor.