I have a used the Computed Field extensively in developing two websites which I use internally for my business, both hosted by LAMP servers on my own network. One is an MRP system which tracks our manufacturing process, the other is a Document Control system which handles all of our engineering documentation (to aerospace standards). The former is a D6 site, the latter is a D7 site.

So I have some curiosity... Does anyone else use the Computed Field as a means of prototyping code before deploying it into a module? Does this workflow even make sense?

The reason I ask is that, although I am a reasonably accomplished programmer (from back in the day), I have never yet actually sat down and taken the time to go through all the steps to implement a module. I'm in a hurry, and probably lazy... And I have a business to run, so I've never had time to actually lay things out like I should.

The upshot: I have the basic functionality of a reasonably complete ERP system running, albeit on two separate sites. So how might I enlist the help of the world's collection of far more capable coders than myself to actually make this into a deployable product: BackdERP ?

Okay, we'll probably have to come up with a better name.