I'm currently rebuilding a Drupal 7 site in Backdrop. Rebuilding as in a new design. I'm not trying to port it over. The current site makes extensive use of EVA to link Views to pages using taxonomy terms. I've tried creating EVA fields in Backdrop using the same settings. The EVA field appears in the display for the Content Type I want to link to, but none of the linked content is showing up. Example: I have Index pages (a content type) for different editorial sections, like Books and Events. The Index pages have a term reference field for a vocabulary that lists the terms for each section. Articles have that same term reference field. So when the Index page and articles are both tagged with "Books," those articles should appear on the page. In Drupal 7 they do. But not in Backdrop. I recall there was an issue in Drupal 7 where you had to clear the cache to get a new EVA field to work. I've tried that to no avail. Is anyone aware of any bugs or differences with D7 that could be causing this? I've attached a screen shot of the View. The block display that doesn't use EVA works fine. In the EVA configuration, Arguments are set to token and "[node:nid]/[node:nid]." I've tried it with multiple vocabularies and terms, but nothing is working. Any ideas?



On the fields, have you told them to use the relationship?

It should show up on the fields looking like...

Here’s more detail on how I’ve set it up. The idea is to have editorial sections covering different topics: Music, Books, Events, etc. So there’s a vocabulary called Editorial Sections with a term corresponding to each section. I have a Content Type called Articles that includes a term reference field for this vocabulary.

I want to show the articles on a series of Index Pages. That’s another Content Type, and it too has the same term reference field for Editorial Sections.

In the EVA view, first I go to “Entity Content Settings” and set the Arguments as shown here.

Then I go to Add Relationships and choose the Term Reference field I want to link:

Then I go to Contextual Filters and set those up as shown here.

The end result is shown below. This is exactly how I set these up in Drupal 7. I'm doing this as I have a D7 View open on another screen so I can follow the same steps.

The EVA field appears in the Default display for the Index Page content type. I now have two Index Pages, one for Books and the other for Events, with lots of articles tagged with both. But nothing is showing up on those pages.


I finally figured it out. I had the second contextual filter set to "Do Not Use a Relationship." When I set it to use "field_editorial_sections" the content appeared on the Index Pages as expected. The strange thing is that it works in D7 when the second contextual filter is set as shown above ("Do Not Use a Relationship"). I recall that when I first set up the site in D7 (2017 and early 2018) I had to scour the web to find instructions for how to set that up. It took me two days of trial and error before I figured it out. But it would seem to be a common use case.