We're working on a Drupal 7 to Backdrop CMS upgrade. After the first attempt we have certain pages that are generating errors that say "_____ redirected you too many times." "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS". I feel like I've heard about some common issues with Drupal 7 'URL aliases' and 'URL redirects' and I can image that being the source of this issue.

Any advice on this problem? If we don't hear anything back soon, we'll post an update with whatever solution we find. 


So, we discovered that in Drupal 7 you can enable/disable URL redirects and we have a bunch of pages with URL redirects disabled. When these URL redirects are migrated to Backdrop, there is no option to enable/disable them, so they are all enabled. 

We are having trouble with the URL redirects that should be disabled but are not on the new Backdrop site. We can manually delete them, but we're looking for better solutions. 

Any thoughts?

Is javascript disabling the "Enabled" button? Can you "Inspect" the CSS to see if you can "Enable" it via CSS... it may get you closer to a solution. i.e. adding a bit of CSS override may solve the problem, at bit hacky, but if it's a one-off, then it be the quickest option.

Is javascript disabling the "Enabled" button?

As far as I can tell, Backdrop CMS does not provide the option to "enable" or "disable" URL redirects that was available in Drupal 7. I'm not sure that feature is necessary in Backdrop, other than during the upgrade process.