I'm trying to figure out how to install wowjs. I get a message saying:

 "You should install the WOW Javascript library. Please read the installation instructions in the README.txt file of the wowjs module."

The libraries module is not used but the module documentation says to add to /libraries but the newer BD version has bundled libraries. im not sure how to install it without the libraries module. Do I add it to the folder or copy+paste it into the .module? Are there any specific files i should update for this to work?

This is what I tried:

installing with npm and drush

Updating the module files with the hook commands

Installing from github to the modules folder

Any tips are appreciated thanks!



It doesn't look like that module has been touched in a while. The listed maintainer is no longer active in the Backdrop community.

There was a discussion about this, which you should be able to see, in our chat channel and the person there decided to use a different library.


The module may be fixable but I don't know how much work would be involved.