Meeting room link will be here.

Goal: To build a library of video resources about various contributed modules for Backdrop CMS and to draw attention to modules that might not get the attention they deserve. 

Looking for 8-10 people willing to give a 5-10 minute demonstration of a favorite module (or one you think that deserves more attention). We will be recording each live demonstration separately and sharing them on Youtube. If you are unable to attend at that date/time and/or prefer to prerecord your demonstration and have us play it back during the VUG, that works too. Pick a module, any contrib module and show us how it works in 5-10 minutes. Jan 5th  10:00am-noon (San Francisco) 12:00-2:00pm (Chicago / Minneapolis) 7:00-9:00pm (Berlin) 4:00-6:00am (Sydney) :-( Which module do you want to share?  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Presenters (or potential presenters): @BWPanda - presetsrcset_image @stpaultim - fanciblock OR views_bootstrap @hosef - configurable_block_style @laryncopy_blocks @you - ??? Last edited: 1/04/2021


Hmm, just noticed the suggested time. That won't work for me obviously.

What about a different approach to this to allow for different timezones... What if anyone wanting to present on a module recorded their demo/presentation themselves, then sent it in. Then the VUG could be everyone gathered in the meeting watching the pre-recorded demos all together and commenting/discussing them afterwards? That way you still have a live VUG, but it means people outside of the appropriate timezones can still participate somewhat. And also then you can make sure the demos are of the appropriate length before showing them.

@BWPanda - I would be fine with both ideas. I think it's ok to cover more than one module in one presentation, if it makes sense and there is any overlap between them.  Also, I would agree that we should accept, but not require, prerecorded presentations. If you can't be there in person (because of time zone or any other reason), you can prerecord your presentation and have it included in the VUG.


@stpaultim, I can cover the Configurable Blocks module.

I don't know if these would be appropriate to this series, but I would also be glad to cover some more technical modules such as the Color module or the Redis module in the future.

Thanks for hosting this session today -- it was very helpful, and I learned about some useful modules I never knew I needed! (Also helpful tips for porting and troubleshooting modules from D7.)

Cheers, Rick