Hi friends, i have followed the instructions in the Plupload´s page https://backdropcms.org/project/plupload but it still the error message of plupload not found

i don´t know if it is uncompressed in the wrong place, actually on "sites/all/libraries/plupload/"

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For multiple file uploads try :

File Resumable Upload





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Hi Rogelio,

I've not used the module but from having a look at the project page text, the module doesn't seem to be production ready. ("This is an initial port of the module ready for testing.") That said, it might work in some cases, but I'd however recommend to post a report in the module's issue queue, hoping that the person who ported the module will have a look at it.

FYI: There's also an open issue in the queue with the suggestion to bundle the library with the module, cf. https://github.com/backdrop-contrib/plupload/issues/4.