Is there any advice available on how to import customers and order history from Drupal 7 Commerce to Backdrop Ubercart? Clearly I can build a fresh Ubercart installation, but my customer needs to have the history of (Commerce) orders accessible on the new site. 

What would be the best way to achieve this?


Hi  and welcome.... You will need to export your data and reimport using the Feeds module. I'm not sure of the best way to export the users... but Views Export will help.  I was going to extract mine (see below) through SQL an manipulate the data from there...  You will need to use a multi-faceted approach and import individual data sets i.e. import products... import taxonomies... import users...  import orders etc...   You may need to manipulate the data in Excel for example to make sure it synchronises properly.  

If you need any assistance in specific areas, please don't hesitate to ask... I know there will be a few of us on here who will step up and help. I do have a couple of Commerce sites I need to port over, but I've not started them yet, so if you want to collaborate so we can create some sort of documentation to help others in the future I'd be happy to start one of mine earlier than planned. Hope this helps. Steve

This may be tricky to pull off. Commerce Orders and Ubercart Orders have a different architecture (in fact the two modules in general approach things differently). So, it may be possible to import C Orders as U orders (or at at least the basic information such as the total, date of its creation and uid ). Now, if you also need the customer to be able to access the details such as line items and products in the order, that will get exponentially more difficult, as you'll need to import line items and products from Commerce (already a challenge), and then create the appropriate references in the U order.

If you want a basic import of C Orders into U Orders, you may be able to do it with Feeds and Feeds Entity Processor. Create a view of your Comerce Orders with the basic fields such as total, uid and creation date, use Views Data Export to export that as a CSV, and use Feeds and Feeds Entity Processor to map the exported data to Ubercart Order fields and properties. You need Feeds Entity Processor because Ubercart Orders are custom entities. Because of this you will not be able to create field mappings using only Feeds.

Thanks @argiepiano - I think feeds_entity_processor could be the trick to getting this sorted. I will investigate further when the need arises.