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These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS.  All the issues you see here are issues tagged with the label "type - feature request" from the Backdrop CMS core issue queue. 

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
501 [UX] Add nowrap CSS to field suffixes (ex the machine name span) #1349
502 All config_*() functions should accept `$type` for consistency. #4821
503 [UX] CKEditor/Rich text editor image sizing needs to be optional. #2010
504 [UX] Provide a report page that lists all configured paths where files are being saved. #4585
505 [PS] Set cache lifetime to 1 year for static assets #3937
506 Confirmation dialog for orphaned files #2899
507 Improve the styling of color input elements in the admin theme #4155
508 [WP][SR] Dedicated "Privacy & security" section under "Configuration" #3624
509 [DX] Allow JS in theme .info files to optionally specify header/footer as scope (default to header for BC) #5677
510 VBO: option for separate button per action & option to override labels #802
511 Auto-update `.htaccess`, `robots.txt`, or `settings.php` (when we can) #5929
512 [UX] Project installer: collapse met dependencies in the "Enable modules" step #5454
513 Responsive tabs for Seven: change the arrows to an ellipsis and an "x" close icon. #1498
514 [DX][D8] Provide a mechanism to deprecate permissions #5030
515 [UX] Make the theme preview thumbnail clickable and show larger version of screenshot (à la lightbox). #1127
516 [UX] Add a 'visible' property to display modes #3082
517 [UX] Layouts: Visibility conditions (and contexts): Entity ID text fields with autocomplete fields (or entity browser?). #1822
518 Reuse test prefixes instead of rebuilding them for each test #4353
519 [UX] Add information about removed modules to the uninstall page #3779
520 Allow admin theme CSS for dialogs to be used on front-end #2659
521 [UX][D8] Allow 'Content: Link' views field to just output URL #3419
522 [UX] Include the "+ Add condition" link/button and the "Remove"/"Configure" links in the "Conditions" fieldset of the #1025
523 Create a printable Status Report #5821
524 [UX] Layout UI: Collapsible block groups. #1691
525 [UX] Auto Updates for security/modules #414
526 [D8] Manage form display: Allow managing form fields non-programmatically #5219
527 [UX] Maintenance mode: Do not render the "Create new account" tab, the navigation menu and the account menu when in the "Log in" or "Reset password" pages. #2529
528 [UX] Clarify Field Type choices on Field Settings page #2508
529 Put all search results on a single page (with facets?) #1330
530 When using a term reference field only show the term options that are in the current language #4774
531 [Multisite] Provide option for installing global or site-specific projects via the UI #3274
532 Create redirects for bulk alias delete #1993
533 [UX] Add a token-browser-like PHP date format helper dialog #4556
534 Allow user to set custom background color on core hero block #3918
535 Site-wide settings for file garbage collection #2896
536 CSS Architecture with SASS, SMACSS, and BEM #4129
537 [DX] hook_field_*_settings_form() should have $form and $form_state parameters #3590
538 [UX] Move the confirmation dialog for deletion of nodes to a modal. #769
539 Idea: allow "pinning" base themes to specific versions (to solve the issue with breaking changes in core themes) #5941
540 [UX] Dashboard block to highlight recent and notable bug fixes or feature updates #5438
541 Enable revisions by default / CRAP and entity revisions everywhere in core. #1465
542 Add a link to the page on module list for each module #5003
543 [UX] Decide when to add 'block' to the end of block admin titles, and do so consistently. #2255
544 [UX] Default drop-button action for node types should be 'manage fields' #1116
545 [META] Improve the project screenshots functionality in the project browser #3061
546 Add an option (checkbox) in the layout settings for "Page title type" that enables/disables appending the " | [site-name]" part to the page <title>. #1790
547 Introduce some missing permissions that allow global actions on files #6012
548 Allow default/required settings on multilingual ("Language") fields #4322
549 [UX] Move the confirmation dialog for enabling/uninstalling modules to a modal. #3770
550 Allow regions titles #2647
551 CKEditor: Add filter to allow empty HTML tags #3269
552 Add option to Views for hiding empty blocks #3411
553 [D8][DX] Add Modernizr to core. #1009
554 Provide a form-item-inline class to help admin forms #5829
555 [UX] Add the ability for default layouts to be cloned (like views). #1674
556 [UX] Better Menu permissions #384
557 [DX][D8] Allow entity types to specify canonical and additional URIs #5212
558 [DX] Provide a utility for retrieving a single project's info (and settings?) #332
559 [DX][D9] Telemetry: gather Server Timing performance metrics #5183
560 Prevent users from accidentally exposing their email addresses by using it for their username #2486
561 Deprecate watchdog() #4749
562 Ensure Backdrop deletes all files it puts into /tmp #3253
563 Docblock in page.tpl.php lists incorrect 'available' variables. #1981
564 Create option to add a supplemental stylesheet to Basis - to safely make css updates #4512
565 [UX] Display a reminder to uninstall modules after disabling them #3911
566 Refactor the generation of SQL for dates and times into the database driver #2890
567 Flexible layout templates: Allow selecting an existing layout template, as a starting point #4115
568 Contact form message templates edited via the UI #3568
569 Support the call of Ukraininan government and change “Russia” to “Russia is a terrorist state” #5712
570 [UX] Consider moving operations out of their drop-buttons on wide screens. #733
571 Entity reference 7.x-1.6 #5952
572 [UX] Allow reordering of layouts from main Layouts page #5411
573 Create a list of all entity types under Reports. #1449
574 Text area with Plain text processing doesn't display line breaks #5515
575 [SEO][META] Provide some basic SEO meta tags OOTB #4995
576 [DX] Simplify getting and setting of values without using the 'und' data structure in entities #2240
577 [UX] CKEditor: Replace the "Add a caption" checkbox with a "Caption" field #1093
578 Add markup or message field to contact form #4721
579 [UX] Views save/cancel buttons are at the top right #3054
580 [UX] Project Browser: Improve the project details modal. #1778
581 [D8] Date fields: Support both future/past dates at the same time with the "time ago" formatter #6021
582 Allow separate edit and display titles for field #4310
583 [UX] Add links for quick access to editing things like the layout, theme, etc. of the current page #2626
584 Get Designer Input on BackdropCMS 'Out of the Box' appearance #5581
585 [UX] Add a "Place in a layout" action for menus in the menu listing page. #3406
586 [UX] Cannot access menu items in too long menus when the menu is set to stick at the top of the page. #1003
587 [DX] Form API: Do not require #default_value for checkboxes to be provided as an array #5836
588 [UX] When uninstalling a module, list all things that will be lost (blocks, views, menus) in the confirmation page. #1624
589 Don't count markup characters as part of the text length #309
590 [UX] Side-by-side content translation UI #2438
591 [UX] Improve editing data and time format patterns #1284
592 Add state_override function to core #4725
593 [DX] Add entity_get_bundles() as a convenient method for getting the label of a bundle. #3243
594 [UX] Layouts: Use icons within drop buttons on small/mobile screens #1974
595 [UX] Rich Text editor inserting/updating images before a file is uploaded #3900
596 Bulk delete taxonomy terms #2875
597 [D8] Introduce a new `file_url_transform_relative()` function #4106
598 [META] Use UUIDs in more places #3563
599 [DX] Add Flush all caches > Views to admin bar #5737
600 [UX] Make block titles required and allow them to be hidden. #692


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