Welcome to the Backdrop CMS feature survey. This is your opportunity to help prioritize core features. The results of this survey will advise core developers as to what the community would find most valuable.

We ask you to vote for up to 10 features. These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS. You can change your vote as often as you like. You must be logged in to vote. A list of your current votes can be found on your user profile page.

All issues with the label "type - feature request" in the core issue queue should be eligible to be voted on.

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
501 [UX] Maintenance mode: Do not render the "Create new account" tab, the navigation menu and the account menu when in the "Log in" or "Reset password" pages. #2529
502 [UX] Add a token-browser-like PHP date format helper dialog #4556
503 CSS Architecture with SASS, SMACSS, and BEM #4129
504 Docblock in page.tpl.php lists incorrect 'available' variables. #1981
505 [D7] Support summaries in CKEditor or introduce a teaser break plugin #1222
506 Prepend the content type name in the "Permissions" vtab permission names when creating a content type. #1539
507 [UX] Move the confirmation dialog for deletion of menu links to a modal. #770
508 Add a check for missing modules or dependencies #5625
509 Allow modules to provide flexible template row styles #5427
510 [PS] Add `webp` to default extensions on new image fields (if supported) #4998
511 Views: Filter results by matching data with current content #3683
512 Admin interface for manual garbage collection #2898
513 [Multisite] Provide option for installing global or site-specific projects via the UI #3274
514 Menu router refactoring #2400
515 [UX] Change the password reset form to use a single password field + show/hide toggle #4440
516 [D7] Add alt and title fields for the image file type? #4007
517 Add options to Block Name in Views #1880
518 [UX] Default drop-button action for node types should be 'manage fields' #1116
519 [UX] [DX] Move the user page to a separate module #109
520 Tweak Theme Overview page to group sub-themes by parent theme #5318
521 [D8][UX] Move 'Add new/existing field' functionality to a new page via an action link #4898
522 Add a localization concept for user-provided strings to core #4894
523 Support tokens in Views "Global: custom text" field #3189
524 Add a Pre-upgrade analysis/report to prevent people from forgetting something #3577
525 [UX] add "Allow Upscaling" checkbox to crop, and scale and crop effects #2763
526 [UX] Allow a field HTML ID to be set as target in theme_token_tree_link() #4316
527 [DX] Switch to a simplified array syntax for database connection information in settings.php #2231
528 [DX] Views query should not output { and } around database table names. #1389
529 Allow user to set custom background color on core hero block #3918
530 [A11Y] Convert core to use EM's for all @media and font-sizes #1775
531 [D8][DX] Add Modernizr to core. #1009
532 Cached anonymous page and "background fetch" cause site rendering issues on LiteSpeed server #5525
533 [UX][DX] Status report page: Provide filters/categories that apply to various personas #5758
534 [DX][D9] Telemetry: gather Server Timing performance metrics #5183
535 Deprecate watchdog() #4749
536 [UX][DX] Show location of config files on status report #3839
537 Reconfiguring the administrative layout #3072
538 [UX] Add content title match as search relevancy factor #3517
539 Allow deleting modules/themes/layouts via the "Uninstall" function of Project Installer. #2648
540 [UX] Search block: Provide options to render either as a separate field/button, or as a searchbar #4652
541 [UX] Support importing D7 views exports (at least in the 1.x cycle) #4213
542 Move the file `description` column to file_managed table. #2070
543 [UX] admin bar search results should not be allowed to span further than the page height. #520
544 Port the UI functionality from Entity API #1650
545 [UX] Manage display: use the 'dirty' form flag when field settings are changed, in order to indicate that the form needs to be saved. #927
546 Search form does not allow to be styled using icons #5573
547 CKEditor5 Sections #5115
548 [D9 feature parity] Killer feature: Fieldable Fields in core #3766
549 [UX] On the Add view page, expand block, and collapse page display #2978
550 [UX] Add a "Used in" column that shows layout(s)/region(s) where each menu is placed. #3407
551 Evaluate the reasons for removal of the Trigger module from core. #2522
552 [DX] Support some basic markdown-flavoured formatting in t() #4535
553 [UX] Add bulk operations (update/delete) in the URL path aliases list. #1979
554 [UX] Rename name "Filtered HTML" input format to "Basic" #1188
555 Remove grippie; use CSS "resize" property #340
556 [UX] Add # anchors to vtabs. #1537
557 [UX] Move the confirmation dialog for deletion of nodes to a modal. #769
558 One click install for digitalocean #5628
559 [UX] Allow reordering of layouts from main Layouts page #5411
560 [SEO][META] Provide some basic SEO meta tags OOTB #4995
561 File entity setting for garbage collection #2897
562 [UX] More info on field removal #3262
563 [DX] Config uses the term 'clear', change it to 'remove' or something more intuitive #2387
564 [D7] Add setting for which roles can be assigned #4437
565 Do not throw exceptions in the updater, when nothing's broken (yet) #4003
566 [D8][SR] Add the ability to block IP addresses (feature parity with Drupal). #1878
567 [UX] Appearance page: Denote the theme selected as admin theme (same as we do for the default theme). #1105
568 [D8] Ensure that entries are written to watchdog table #63
569 Change message to "Your comment has been updated" on comment update #5701
570 [D8][DX] Allow themes to declare dependencies on modules and layout templates #5316
571 Add admin tagging API to entities, menus, etc. #5307
572 Make the 404 / 403 page setting "translatable" #4881
573 [WP] Add the ability to schedule config changes #3185
574 Contact form message templates edited via the UI #3568
575 [D8] Form API: Introduce proper #types for 'option' and 'optgroup', and make #options consistent. #4312
576 [UX] Project Installer: On each cron run, pull and cache locally a project list from b.org #2193
577 [D8] Port and merge Local Image Input Filter in core #1384
578 [DX] Provide an easy way to add classes to the wrapper tags of form elements #3917
579 [UX] Image styles: make crop and scale+crop effects smart. #1774
580 [UX] Allow bulk-adding/editing vocabulary terms and menu items. #1006
581 Text area with Plain text processing doesn't display line breaks #5515
582 Status page: Provide information about the security coverage of the currently-installed minor version #5759
583 Create a field_storage_exists() function #5180
584 Pre-compress Files With Brotli And Fallback To Gzip #4743
585 Allow specifying optional tags for blocks #3837
586 [META] Improve the project screenshots functionality in the project browser #3061
587 [UX] [multilingual] Translated blocks are too hard to use #3514
588 Allow regions titles #2647
589 [D9] Date: allow setting MIN and MAX dates, only past dates, or only future dates, or both #4648
590 [D8] Keep a snapshot of configuration directory in database #4212
591 Allow comment types independent of content types #2049
592 Backdrop needs a "related posts" feature #1317
593 [META] [UX] Provide a instant search/filter UI interface pattern for listing pages and enhance existing ones. #503
594 [UX] Add a "Back" button to the "Add block" dialog. #1644
595 Add warnings in site status page (end elsewhere?) to remove contrib module folders if added to core. #915
596 Add ability to skip running tests on PR #5575
597 [UX] Make sidebars collapsible in Harris layout #5486
598 [D8] Image styles: add "Convert" effect/action #5107
599 Allow title callbacks to return unsanitized text (after being run through t()) #2974
600 [UX] Add a "Place in a layout" action for menus in the menu listing page. #3406


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