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These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS.  All the issues you see here are issues tagged with the label "type - feature request" from the Backdrop CMS core issue queue. 

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
501 [D8] Trim summary on word boundary #599
502 [UX] Contact module: Rename "categories" to "recipient groups" in the admin UI - allow customizing the label of the field in the public-facing form #5992
503 Allow selecting an existing date format for log messages #4621
504 [DX][UX] Keyboard shortcut for admin menu search #3564
505 [UX] Let site builders add a new image style whenever they're selecting a style to use #1438
506 Missing a possibility to get a books mlid value for views #5565
507 Is the Admin Menu z-index value high enough? #5372
508 Can we add a class to the admin tabs? #4207
509 [UX] Field UI - clean up the field type selection #1041
510 Make "Compose tips" (long version of tips) for text formats discoverable from "Formatting options" fieldset #4953
511 OOTB: Provide an option to globally disable the personal contact forms, and make it the default for new installations #6067
512 [UX] Project Installer: On each cron run, pull and cache locally a project list from #2193
513 Add new PR template, with reminder to reference an issue #5605
514 [UX] Installer: request site configuration info (site name, admin account etc.) while the installer is running in parallel #3042
515 Optimize core book module via book_cache port #976
516 [UX] Image styles: make crop and scale+crop effects smart. #1774
517 Bring back the initial functionality of _field_write_instance function #5875
518 [UX] limit field tokens on node type page to fields on that type #3752
519 Allow install profiles to be run after site creation #1591
520 [UX] Allow limiting allowed text formats per field instance (per content type). #2615
521 [UX] Rename "taxonomy" to "Categorization" in the user interface #203
522 Custom Block contextual link #4390
523 CKEditor: consider the new Autocomplete plugin (introduced in 4.10) for addition to core. #3357
524 Check if paths already exist when views or layouts are being installed. #1257
525 [UX] Flexible templates UI: Allow "visual" region width changing, using left/right drag handles, and width indicators #5167
526 [UX] Sort the image styles list in a meaningful way #2457
527 Allow a hook to alter the list of CSS files parsed by Color module #6240
528 [UX] Layout UI: Individual tempstore for each block (instead of the global, per-from one we currently have). #2429
529 Make mobile menu toggle text configurable #6264
530 Basis theme killer feature: Automatically generate color scheme from provided brand (logo/colors) #3231
531 [DX] Add CSS classes to form elements that are hidden/shown via #states. #1969
532 [DX] Introduce a server-side conditional system (to possibly replace `#states`) #5750
533 [D8][DX] Form API: Backport D8 `html_tag` element changes #3892
534 [DX] Add a legacy upgrade_mappings database table #2855
535 Use data-* to check modules dependencies before submit #565
536 Add 'Field HTML Trim' to core #6001
537 Add option to to allow skipping troublesome tests. #4607
538 Add HTML5 Placeholder to form inputs #3561
539 [UX] Offer option to replace the help text with a help icon that toggles its visibility (on by default on mobile). #1414
540 Why do we need to write the entire config data within update hooks? #3347
541 [D8] Allow forms to set custom validation error messages on required fields #5348
542 [DX] Introduce a `config_delete()` function, and improve/fix documentation around config deletion. #4186
543 Change the default profile on tests from Standard to Testing #4943
544 Allow more granular HTML filter options for HTML attributes, not just tags #6100
545 Block configuration settings: Support adding IDs. #2145
546 [A11Y] Add `role="main"` attribute to primary content region in each Layout template #5610
547 Remove the "Layout" part from the layout names in the layouts list. #945
548 Custom/managed publishing options. #1742
549 [UX] Admin Bar: Add a single, centralized point of entry for adding content, files, user accounts etc. #5884
550 [WP] Support HTML formatted emails in core #3727
551 [UX] Detect whether mod_rewrite is enabled (in Apache installs) and throw a warning in the clean URLs page. #1573
552 [UX] Menu paths: replace the silly <front> placeholder with a dropdown and rename it to "home page" #2588
553 Convert the taxonomy listing and feed at /taxonomy/term/%term to Views #145
554 [UX] Provide options-element-like UI for the "Style List" text area for text formats #4385
555 Feature/Package Module Proposal #1238
556 Javascript end-to-end testing #5160
557 Basis: Add basic font-sizes to skin.css #2410
558 Ability to change themes based upon a layout #6296
559 Add Mailsystem 3.x delegator class to core #3218
560 [UX] Automatically sanitize the value of URL alias fields (remove preceding/trailing slashes and make sure the path is not absolute). #1957
561 [UX][DX] Status report page: Provide filters/categories that apply to various personas #5758
562 Allow content types to be enabled/disabled via the admin UI #3883
563 menu_tree_check_access() adds 1141 database queries #2825
564 [UX] Make it easy to find newly-added modules on the modules page #532
565 [SEO][WP] Text formats: Introduce new filter to enable native browser-level loading=lazy attribute for images added to text areas. #4587
566 [UX] Allow 'manage file' from Image Library #3544
567 [DX] Views query should not output { and } around database table names. #1389
568 Enable dropdown menu for menus in header block #5330
569 [UX] Add path settings to file pages #4176
570 [DX] Allow `config_get()` to return a default value - like `settings_get()` and `update_variable_get()` do #6108
571 Update 'Syndicate' block allow selection of available feeds #2136
572 One click install for digitalocean #5628
573 [UX] Views "Multiple field settings" should appear on field display settings, too #2993
574 Add warnings in site status page (end elsewhere?) to remove contrib module folders if added to core. #915
575 Allow Views to be grouped in Admin Menu #5895
576 Add a "Site Category" field to site info #1543
577 [UX] [DX] Move the user page to a separate module #109
578 Easier/better way to revert Views' settings #4368
579 [UX] Rename name "Filtered HTML" input format to "Basic" #1188
580 [SR][UX][DX] Provide a `sensitivetext` formAPI element that pulls from settings as well as state #5136
581 [DX] Config uses the term 'clear', change it to 'remove' or something more intuitive #2387
582 [UX] Add help text on "uninstall modules" page /admin/modules/uninstall that modules need to be disabled first #6309
583 Consider exposing `form_cache_expiration` and/or providing an option so that it can be cleared along with other caches. #3191
584 [UX] Layouts UI: Reusable visibility condition templates. #1942
585 [A11Y][D9] Provide a "Visually hidden" option for the display of field labels #5766
586 Allow pseudo fields to have configurable settings #3859
587 [SR] Facilitate 2FA+MultiFactor compatibility (2FA/two-factor -> MFA/multi-factor) #2788
588 [META][UX] Better "Recent content" block #4576
589 Ship core with a layout that uses user/% as context #3531
590 [D8] Port and merge Localization Update in core #1377
591 Tweak Theme Overview page to group sub-themes by parent theme #5318
592 Showcase core features during install #4138
593 Allow themes to have `config` folders #6122
594 Optimize `views_handler_field_field()` to only load full entities if needed #2104
595 [UX] Allow the "Book outline" vertical tab in the content create/edit form to be hidden from users with the "Administer book outlines" permission #3638
596 [UX] CKeditor: Allow the Styles dropdown to use tag names (for easy use of the <small> tag) #2980
597 uuid and entity import / export #890
598 [DX] Allow `language_list()` to output select list `#options` with both the native and the non-native language labels #5901
599 [DX] Form API: Provide a `'type' => 'css_classes'` form element. #3702
600 [A11Y] Append the current tab in the breadcrumb (even if as an invisible element). #1535


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