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These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS.  All the issues you see here are issues tagged with the label "type - feature request" from the Backdrop CMS core issue queue. 

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
601 [UX] Appearance page: Denote the theme selected as admin theme (same as we do for the default theme). #1105
602 Mobile first approach theme #4131
603 [UX] Views: better indicate which View Displays and Sections are affected by a change #2985
604 Group interdependent checkboxes visually #6013
605 Add an upgrade path from menu_block to core menu blocks. #3681
606 [UX] Add an admin preview of the type of menu for menu blocks in the "Manage blocks" page. #2325
607 [META][UX] Figure out a better way to be able to insert introductory/summary/footer text in various places. #1673
608 [D9] Users must verify email when changing user email addresses #5210
609 [UX] Config import should search recursively for config files to import #661
610 [UX] Allow the admin bar to be docked in various sides of the screen (feature parity with D8). #1842
611 [DX] Allow JS in theme .info files to optionally specify header/footer as scope (default to header for BC) #5677
612 [UX] Layout UI: Template radios: the way we indicate a "selected" template is too subtle (and same as the hover-over indication). #1824
613 Consolidate maintenance-related settings either in $state or $config #4723
614 link fields for in page navigation #go-to-here #1308
615 Pre-compress Files With Brotli And Fallback To Gzip #4743
616 [DX] Add a helper function for messaging after saving settings forms #1364
617 Idea: allow "pinning" base themes to specific versions (to solve the issue with breaking changes in core themes) #5941
618 [D8] Form API: Introduce proper #types for 'option' and 'optgroup', and make #options consistent. #4312
619 [WP] Add the ability to schedule config changes #3185
620 Add a "Make Permanent" action for the manage files listing #3825
621 Config override in settings.php file doesn't work for permissions #6193
622 [UX] Streamline the process of disabling and uninstalling modules (a.k.a. "Uninstallation queue"). #2532
623 Front page to be configurable by language #3500
624 [DX] Add settings/page for contextual links settings #5404
625 [UX] Allow the admin bar to be shown/hidden via a toggle #970
626 Add layout name in class for custom layout. #2012
627 CKEditor: Add filter to allow empty HTML tags #3269
628 [DX] Support a way to declare conflicts in .info files #4993
629 Content creation page cleanup #202
630 Provide a form-item-inline class to help admin forms #5829
631 [UX] Change layout 'Visibility conditions' links to a drop button #4529
632 [UX] Better alignment for drop buttons. #1090
633 [DX] Save Dev time, make a console notice for Backdrop.behaviours #4116
634 Allow title callbacks to return unsanitized text (after being run through t()) #2974
635 [A11Y] Provide a dark (or high-contrast) version of Seven #3990
636 [UX] Search settings: Convert the "Search items" section to a table. #3385
637 [UX] Add youtube field, or video embed field to core. Integrate with media library. #3661
638 VBO: Allow bulk enabling/disabling comments on existing content. #2297
639 [UX] Add a "Back" button to the "Add block" dialog. #1644
640 Create a field_storage_exists() function #5180
641 [UX] differing interface patterns for "add new" and "save order" in different places in core #573
642 Ability to include module configuration in config recipe #5173
643 Replace user-picture.tpl.php with a theme function #555
644 Redirect UI: Separate internal paths/aliases vs external URLs. #1803
645 Support the call of Ukraininan government and change “Russia” to “Russia is a terrorist state” #5712
646 [DX] Form API: Be able to tell system_settings_form() to ignore some form elements, without having to use a custom submit handler #4713
647 [META] [UX] Improve the overall creation and placement of custom blocks experience. #1277
648 Entity reference 7.x-1.6 #5952
649 Add permission for users to be able to administer their own contact form #4292
650 [D8] Allow image fields to use any extensions the current image toolkit supports #3136
651 Create a mechanism for dynamically determining output of file entities #2721
652 [META][UX][DX] Overhaul User module permissions and the respective admin UI #3815
653 Enhance Available Updates Report to show date of release and date of latest commit #6207
654 [UX] add an exposed filter for email address to the user account list #2512
655 Allow obsolete config strings to be culled from localization table #3452
656 Enhanced Float-Value Display Options #5379
657 [UX] Make node title a proper (sortable too) field. a.k.a. Title module in core. #933
658 [DX] Add contrib and custom directories to the docroot/modules directory. #1996
659 Get Designer Input on BackdropCMS 'Out of the Box' appearance #5581
660 [UX] Allow the label (perhaps machine name too?) of fields to be edited straight from the "Manage fields" and "Comment fields" tab. #1443
661 Link module: Provide an option to allow for a predefined list of static titles #4970
662 [DX] Form API: Do not require #default_value for checkboxes to be provided as an array #5836
663 Allow text formats to be cloned. #4501
664 [DX] Provide a version of check_plain() that does not escape (for RSS feeds) #4112
665 Dashboard Module: Show link to manage existing nodes of specific content type #3944
666 Incorporate Layouts UI to "manage displays" for entities #6039
667 [UX] Breadcrumb should include Primary/Secondary tabs #2260
668 Re-introduce block caching support. #1619
669 Add permission "Clear log messages" #2242
670 Security: Consider adding an option to load public forms through AJAX. #1592
671 [UX] Flexible templates: Replace the single "Add row" button with multiple ones #5166
672 [UX] admin bar search results should not be allowed to span further than the page height. #520
673 [UX] Project Installer: Make the sorting options responsive. #1779
674 [DX] Add Flush all caches > Views to admin bar #5737
675 Rename default Contact form category #4703
676 Remove syslog module from core #1260
677 Suggestion: Post-upgrade Summary After Drupal 7 Migration #5606
678 Make the homepage field when anonymous commenters must/may leave their contact information configurable #4279
679 Allow admins to unblock someone easily without having to go into the database #3111
680 Add new interface for user selection of managed files #2718
681 [DX][D9] Introduce a new `hook_requirements_alter()` hook, to allow altering entries defined in `hook_requirements()` implementations #6241
682 [D8] Autosave content #3426
683 Add more properties to module and theme info files... Initial Release date, Current Release Date, Categories, D7 base module or theme if any #5367
684 [UX] disable "upload" button on file widget until file has been selected #908
685 [A11Y][UX] Admin bar: Allow navigation by keyboard arrows (besides Tab/Shift+Tab) #1982
686 Allow setting a default value for Alt and Title text in image fields #1439
687 [D7] Tokens missing from Backdrop core. This issue was considered major in D7. #4952
688 [D8] Ensure that entries are written to watchdog table #63
689 Provide a "System metrics" entry in the status page, to show disk space, RAM usage, and database size #5858
690 [UX] Link fields: Automatically fill in the title of the content that is being linked #4479
691 [UX] Permissions page: Make permission groups rows collapsible/expandable. #1046
692 Flexible Layout Templates - Add hero ROW by default to new templates #4091
693 [UX] timezone drop-down should group timezones by continent #2928
694 [DX] Change modals so special server whitelist is not required #3938
695 [DX] Offer to backup and delete existing config to proceed with installation #6062
696 Provide additional permissions for the maintenance mode #3625
697 [UX] Project Installer: On each cron run, pull and cache locally a project list from #2193
698 [UX] Branding and Version info on Installation Screens #1584
699 [A11Y] UX Fields to add html tag Attributes for fields, menu links and blocks #5158
700 [UX] Image styles: make crop and scale+crop effects smart. #1774


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