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These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS.  All the issues you see here are issues tagged with the label "type - feature request" from the Backdrop CMS core issue queue. 

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
601 [UX] Add a "Used in" column that shows layout(s)/region(s) where each menu is placed. #3407
602 [WP][SR] Add email obfuscator to core #3270
603 [UX] Allow the label (perhaps machine name too?) of fields to be edited straight from the "Manage fields" and "Comment fields" tab. #1443
604 Support SVG in Image Library #5541
605 Prevent users from accidentally exposing their email addresses by using it for their username #2486
606 Ensure Backdrop deletes all files it puts into /tmp #3253
607 Docblock in page.tpl.php lists incorrect 'available' variables. #1981
608 Better styling for UI links in book module #5609
609 Refactor the generation of SQL for dates and times into the database driver #2890
610 Add filtering to path_autocomplete #4381
611 [DX] Add config->getData() to match config->setData() #3902
612 [D8][DX] Provide a generic 'entity_autocomplete' Form API element #5879
613 [A11Y] UX Fields to add html tag Attributes for fields, menu links and blocks #5158
614 [UX] [WYSIWYG] Consider adding a side-by-side live preview for the editor. #985
615 [DX][UX] Keyboard shortcut for admin menu search #3564
616 Re-introduce block caching support. #1619
617 Creating multiple fields simultaneously while creating a content type #292
618 [META] [UX] Improve the overall creation and placement of custom blocks experience. #1277
619 [DX] Simplify getting and setting of values without using the 'und' data structure in entities #2240
620 [UX] Views save/cancel buttons are at the top right #3054
621 [UX] Project Browser: Improve the project details modal. #1778
622 Add 'reverse' option to 'View result counter' #4590
623 Allow user/module to disable theme_debug for particular templates or modules #5746
624 [UX] Add links for quick access to editing things like the layout, theme, etc. of the current page #2626
625 Expand the "Global settings" fieldset when creating new fields #5345
626 Change the "Invalidate search index" process to a batched "Rebuild search index" #4182
627 [UX] limit field tokens on node type page to fields on that type #3752
628 [DX] Add `#indentation` property to FAPI elements. #5999
629 Allow to filter interface translation for "context" with "contains" (LIKE) #4940
630 [UX] Open the field widget link in a modal #691
631 CKEditor: consider the new Autocomplete plugin (introduced in 4.10) for addition to core. #3357
632 Allow setting a default value for Alt and Title text in image fields #1439
633 [UX] Views: Offer an option for the pager to start counting from 1 instead of 0 #5566
634 [UX] Side-by-side content translation UI #2438
635 [UX] Permissions page: Make permission groups rows collapsible/expandable. #1046
636 [DX] Add entity_get_bundles() as a convenient method for getting the label of a bundle. #3243
637 [UX] Layouts: Use icons within drop buttons on small/mobile screens #1974
638 Add a check for missing modules or dependencies #5625
639 Bulk delete taxonomy terms #2875
640 [D8][DX] Form API: Backport D8 `html_tag` element changes #3892
641 Add filtering to the List Views page like the filtering that existed in D7 #5896
642 [UX][DX] When a module is enabled, automatically set a message containing the link to configure #5135
643 [UX] Provide an instant search filter for the Configuration page (/admin/config). #978
644 Add HTML5 Placeholder to form inputs #3561
645 Security: Consider adding an option to load public forms through AJAX. #1592
646 [DX][BC] Replace module_load_include() with new, more generic function #206
647 Remove syslog module from core #1260
648 [UX] Swap tab order of "Export" and "Import" config pages #2185
649 [D9][UX] Add a user-friendly parent menu browser in the content add/edit form. #3029
650 [UX] Better image style previews. #1772
651 [UX] Admin bar: Move "Add new X" to the bottom of each fly-out menu #4586
652 Status page: Show information about supported image types by GD #5760
653 UX Idea: Allow rewriting the output of fields on display (without having to use views or custom code). #2608
654 Dashboard: Add a Configuration Manager widget #5322
655 [D8] Introduce a new example.local.settings.php file #4173
656 [WP] Support HTML formatted emails in core #3727
657 [DX] Support #attributes in theme_help() and theme_more_help_link() #6007
658 Extend the "Hide path display" feature ("page-less nodes") to other core entities #4912
659 Implement sub-path aliases - a.k.a.: `subpathauto` or `path_alias_xt`in core #1418
660 Setting intelligent defaults during content type fields creation #291
661 Views: Autocomplete exposed filters #2423
662 Allow copying settings from other content types when adding an existing field #3229
663 Views: Add <audio> and <video> to the available options in the "Customize field HTML" for file fields. #1966
664 Allow site administrators to selectively disable entity caching #5632
665 Allow 'Main Page Content' block to use a specific display mode #4341
666 Allow content types to be enabled/disabled via the admin UI #3883
667 [DX] Form API: provide form element(s) for CSS classes and IDs #5898
668 CKEditor5 Sections #5115
669 [UX] Views UI: in place rearrange of fields, filter and sort criteria. #963
670 [UX] Allow 'manage file' from Image Library #3544
671 [UX] Branding and Version info on Installation Screens #1584
672 Do not allow modules to be enabled at all if they have conflicting config file names with any existing config. #1242
673 [UX] Display php error messages in a dedicated block so we can limit visibility per role. #2139
674 [D8][A11Y] ALT attributes should be enabled by default on new fields and have an option to set ALT and TITLE attributes as required #3006
675 [DX] Add project's 'install time' to system table #1726
676 [UX] Image Library view: Dynamic number of items per page #4560
677 [DX] Make File::access consistent with other entity classes. #5480
678 [D8][DX] Allow themes to declare dependencies on modules and layout templates #5316
679 Mobile first approach theme #4131
680 Add a localization concept for user-provided strings to core #4894
681 [DX] Form API: Provide a `'type' => 'css_classes'` form element. #3702
682 Log warnings when projects are encountered without a 'type' #4866
683 [UX] Content view "Operations" drop-down lists available operations in random order. #548
684 Make 'gid' column in 'node_access' table VARCHAR #1396
685 [WP] Media Library #3203
686 Consolidate maintenance-related settings either in $state or $config #4723
687 Don't show the node_load_multiple() $conditions parameter as deprecated #5644
688 [UX] integrate file editing into the file field widget #2810
689 Allow attributes to be passed to backdrop_add_css() and backdrop_add_js() (SRI) #5478
690 [D8] Form API: Introduce proper #types for 'option' and 'optgroup', and make #options consistent. #4312
691 Allow pseudo fields to have configurable settings #3859
692 [DX] Add normalized project data into the database. #5905
693 Allow to trigger the site status alert (red button) remotely #5097
694 [UX] Manage display: use the 'dirty' form flag when field settings are changed, in order to indicate that the form needs to be saved. #927
695 Ship core with a layout that uses user/% as context #3531
696 [UX] Convert the "Install from a URL" text field to a text area to allow installing multiple projects in one go. #1561
697 Support additional (popular) properties in the .info files of projects #119
698 [D7] Support summaries in CKEditor or introduce a teaser break plugin #1222
699 Establish a "fonts" directory in a place where it can be shared between core and contrib themes. #2127
700 Add custom block option to follow the translation system easily #2991


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