Welcome to the Backdrop CMS feature survey. This is your opportunity to help prioritize core features. The results of this survey will advise core developers as to what the community would find most valuable.

We ask you to vote for up to 10 features. These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS. You can change your vote as often as you like. You must be logged in to vote. A list of your current votes can be found on your user profile page.

All issues with the label "type - feature request" in the core issue queue should be eligible to be voted on.

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
601 [UX] timezone drop-down should group timezones by continent #2928
602 Docblock in page.tpl.php lists incorrect 'available' variables. #1981
603 [D7] Support summaries in CKEditor or introduce a teaser break plugin #1222
604 [DX][D8] Provide a single command to install & run Backdrop #4040
605 [UX] Sort the image styles list in a meaningful way #2457
606 Prepend the content type name in the "Permissions" vtab permission names when creating a content type. #1539
607 [UX] Move the confirmation dialog for deletion of menu links to a modal. #770
608 [UX] Remove the textarea_with_summary field type #490
609 Feature to add multiple Layouts together #5585
610 [DX][D9] Telemetry: gather Server Timing performance metrics #5183
611 Deprecate watchdog() #4749
612 Bulk delete taxonomy terms #2875
613 Add options to Block Name in Views #1880
614 [UX] Default drop-button action for node types should be 'manage fields' #1116
615 Allow deleting uninstalled/unused modules/themes/layouts from the filesystem via the admin UI #3939
616 Basis theme killer feature: Automatically generate color scheme from provided brand (logo/colors) #3231
617 Expose breakpoints as a visibility option for blocks and layouts. #2347
618 [DX] Change modals so special server whitelist is not required #3938
619 Allow copying settings from other content types when adding an existing field #3229
620 [DX][BC] Deprecate `module_exists()` and add a `project_exists()` function #2337
621 Creating multiple fields simultaneously while creating a content type #292
622 Don't show the node_load_multiple() $conditions parameter as deprecated #5644
623 [UX] Make sidebars collapsible in Harris layout #5486
624 [D8] Image styles: add "Convert" effect/action #5107
625 Browse Server Button on Link Dialog in Ckeditor so a list of files on the site can be displayed #4688
626 Allow some markup in views descriptions. #3885
627 [UX] Fix pager styling on mobile #3099
628 [DX] Switch to a simplified array syntax for database connection information in settings.php #2231
629 [DX] Views query should not output { and } around database table names. #1389
630 [UX] CKEditor - Provide default styles #4233
631 [DX][META] Introduce functions similar to views_get_views_as_options() for other things #3545
632 [UX] Admin bar: Consider replacing the home button with a "Back to site" button. #2709
633 [A11Y] Convert core to use EM's for all @media and font-sizes #1775
634 [D8][DX] Add Modernizr to core. #1009
635 Replace taxonomy_index with taxonomy_entity_index #103
636 [DX] Add Flush all caches > Views to admin bar #5737
637 [DX] Add settings/page for contextual links settings #5404
638 [DX] Support a way to declare conflicts in .info files #4993
639 [UX] Provide a report page that lists all configured paths where files are being saved. #4585
640 [UX] Allow cloning any user role (along with its permissions) #3813
641 [DX] Implement hook_hook_info() to help organize module code #3024
642 Move the file `description` column to file_managed table. #2070
643 Improve the styling of color input elements in the admin theme #4155
644 Better handling of location in locale source #3451
645 [UX] List modules that need to be enabled on the config sync page #2604
646 Port the UI functionality from Entity API #1650
647 [UX] Manage display: use the 'dirty' form flag when field settings are changed, in order to indicate that the form needs to be saved. #927
648 Support SVG in Image Library #5541
649 Add admin tagging API to entities, menus, etc. #5307
650 Make the 404 / 403 page setting "translatable" #4881
651 [UX] Provide indication in the admin interface, when config values have been overridden in settings.php #4455
652 Installer should check digital signatures when downloading a package #3714
653 [D8] Add new formatter - "URL to Image" to image field in Views #2921
654 [UX] Add bulk operations (update/delete) in the URL path aliases list. #1979
655 [UX] Rename name "Filtered HTML" input format to "Basic" #1188
656 "Available updates" page seems unresponsive the more installed projects there are. #3337
657 [UX] Side-by-side content translation UI #2438
658 [UX] Add # anchors to vtabs. #1537
659 [UX] Move the confirmation dialog for deletion of nodes to a modal. #769
660 I don't want default content #5587
661 Create a field_storage_exists() function #5180
662 Pre-compress Files With Brotli And Fallback To Gzip #4743
663 Reuse test prefixes instead of rebuilding them for each test #4353
664 Restore Configurable Actions to core #3646
665 [UX] Redirect from system path to alias (GlobalRedirect in core) #2871
666 [D8][SR] Add the ability to block IP addresses (feature parity with Drupal). #1878
667 [UX] Appearance page: Denote the theme selected as admin theme (same as we do for the default theme). #1105
668 Upgrade UI module (similar to Migrate UI in D8) to help with moving from D7 #4345
669 [D8] theme_table() should take an optional footer variable and produce tfoot #3627
670 [DX] Add a legacy upgrade_mappings database table #2855
671 Create a tests case for version upgrade #1874
672 [UX] Redesign the Themes page #1103
673 [PS] Set cache lifetime to 1 year for static assets #3937
674 Config management diff: Rename "Old" and "New" to something more meaningful #3221
675 [UX] Project Browser: Add links with helper actions (configure/settings/enable) next to project installation status. #2335
676 Layouts: Visibility conditions available when one of two required contexts are missing #4594
677 Implement createAccess for File entities #5479
678 [UX] Automatically clear caches after manual upgrades #5101
679 [UX] install.php: Provide help text for site name #4675
680 Allow content types to be enabled/disabled via the admin UI #3883
681 [UX] Mobile project browser: make it easier to get to the queue #3098
682 [UX] Project Installer: On each cron run, pull and cache locally a project list from b.org #2193
683 [D8] Port and merge Local Image Input Filter in core #1384
684 Add target="_blank" attribute to "Powered by Backdrop CMS" link #4230
685 [UX] Allow 'manage file' from Image Library #3544
686 [UX]/[DX] Add a fancy "copy to clipboard" button for views templates #2677
687 [UX] Image styles: make crop and scale+crop effects smart. #1774
688 [UX] Allow bulk-adding/editing vocabulary terms and menu items. #1006
689 [D8] Include Tour module in core #89
690 Allow Access to Image Library for Core Hero Block #5739
691 [PS][D9] Acquia Site Studio Visual Page Builder with a front-end, drag and drop user interface #5403
692 Create pseudo tokens to extend various functionality in text formatters ex :nolink #4992
693 [META][UX] Better "Recent content" block #4576
694 Contact module roadmap: 80% usecase of Webforms in core #3808
695 Allow comment types independent of content types #2049
696 Backdrop needs a "related posts" feature #1317
697 Showcase core features during install #4138
698 [DX] backdrop_process_states: Introduce a new `primary`/`secondary` set of states for submit buttons #3441
699 [UX] Menu paths: replace the silly <front> placeholder with a dropdown and rename it to "home page" #2588
700 [UX] Add a "Back" button to the "Add block" dialog. #1644


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